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  1. Hi I have a 15 year old daughter waiting for a diagnoses for Aspergers.."we've been fighting for 4 years to get her seen "CAMHS" Today my daughter has been sent home from school because she finds tasks set difficult to finish and finds it hard to concentrate. she also suffers from anxiety and won't communicate"Mute" in a large classroom..and this can come over as rude and impolite..But because she has high intelligence/brilliant artist they assume she should know the work asked of her..They have talked about an exclusion today and for her to work at home.. I feel like the education system is letting her down greatly. They cannot cope with her needs and have even stated her behaviour isn't naughty?. She has her GCSE'S in May and it seems they are only worried about her grades and not her well being! Is there anyone else going through hell with education?
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