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  1. Thank you smileyK! I believe she was only tested for Aspergers, but even then the consultant gave me the diagnosis and said she did not need to see my daughter again! No hlp offered, nothing! I am lucky in that the Parent Support at school is fantastic and she pointed me in several directions that I could look into further! She gave me a load of information on Aspergers and what services are available in our county. I just find it all so overwhelming! I am yet to make it to a support group, as they only meet on an evening on the third Wedneday of the month, and I find evening meeting difficult to get to. I haven't looked into ADD separately yet, but after you saying that it can have an effect on mood, then I will now look more into that. (Generally the school are showing on th eoutside that they support me on my daughters diagnosis, but deep down they do not seem to believe her diagnosis - her class teacher sys that he has plenty of experience with Aspergers, but then says that my daughter must be only just Aspergers as she copes with so much - I have read that this is more typical of girls with Aspergers as they 'copy' behaviours in order to try and fit in, where boys behave in a different way.) Again, thank you for your reply, I will definitly look into ADD more. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.
  2. Hi! I am Cath and have a 7 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Aspergers and ADD, just before Christmas. My daughter's behaviour seems to be getting worse, is this 'normal' or do I need to seek extra help? Her mood swings are getting really bad (mainly at home rather than at school, I think); I will tell her something and she will call me a liar, a few moments later! She seems to be walking on her tip toes more and more; She is waking earlier and earlier - The paediatric Consultant finally gave her a script for Melatonin, - after I asked the GP if there was anything he could do, and he consulted her. Her 'friendships' at school are getting worse, due to her tempers and always wanting to control things (she will play a game so long as it is by her rules, she will have a meltdown if she loses or is not picked first) I have just had her off school for a week with badly swollen glands and can't wait for her to go back to school, as I feel so stressed! (Her father does not help much and tends to leave it all to me!) I have my own medical issues, which cause me to have fatigue, forget things easily suffer chronic pain etc etc etc. I realise that this might all seem worse because I have had her at home for the past week, but any help/advice would be very welcome. Although the school she attends is very small and the SEN is also the head teacher and has sent her class teacher on specialist 1 day Aspergers awareness sessions, and her class teacher states that he is very Aspergers aware, I feel that from things he has told me, he does not differentiate between problems that girls with Aspergers have and how boys with Aspergers present. My daughter is on the 'gifted and talented' list at school, though seems to be doing nothing different from the rest of her class. It was me that instigated that she be assessed for Aspergers, via a GP at our surgery, and he referred us to the consultant who then instigated the other professional assessments in order to get a diagnosis (though in her diagnosis letter, she did not actually say that she had Aspergers, but that my daughter met the criteria for Aspergers and ADD.) Please, I am becoming more and more overwhelmed by the situation, and need some help/support. Thank you for your time. Cath
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