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  1. hello all had to put my six peneth worth in i need some one to tell me what the word "support" means the first line of defence at my doctors is good morning how can we help i would like to make a appointment what is the matter with you i need to see the doctor i am sorry he is fully booked for the next 2 weeks oh ! i say well can i have an appointment the week after?? sorry comes the reply we cannot book that far ahead you will have to ring next week ????? i need help now not in 2 weeks !!! in the end i give in
  2. hello all why does no ever consider older people like myself who has aspergers syndrome and adhd [i waited over 2 years for the first adhd assessment] now I have been informed I need another assessment to see how servere it is ???? like most sites like this to say its awkward to navigate round is a joke most of the time I just give in as a autistic adult I feel I am off the radar the nas just seem to pat them selfs on the back but do little or nothing for the older generation like myself all my life I have stuggled on my own when I was diagnosed with aspergers 4 years ago at the grand age of 54 !!! I though at last I might get the help I need how wrong was I my family doctors have not got a clue they run there surgery like a money orientated business I cannot get to see a doctor for at least two weeks if I am lucky if I have a episode I have to deal with it on my own as for the nas shame on you us oldies need help to so please sort it rant over !!!!
  3. hello I have a automatic bmw tis a great car less stresful in traffic jams as no clutch n gear changes by the way I find this site very difficult to use or is that just me I have a/s also ocd I am waiting for a diagnosis for adhd been waiting 16 months now but at 57 does anyone really care about autisem in later adult life I don't think so nothing for us in west yorkshire rant over Baz
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