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  1. Don't ask the candidate, ask yourself: Is this person a really good teacher? An expert teacher brings out the best in all their pupils of course, but with Autism the effect of the teacher is magnified - be it good or bad.
  2. Nothing to be gained by telling a boss, unless they are AS themselves. I would think most people would prefer an AS taxi driver. The taxi would be spotless, the driver would always use the fastest route and not engage the passenger in a pointless conversation. As for The Knowledge, the interviews can be awkward for most, not just those with AS. A West Indian student driver was asked to describe the most direct route from Blackboy Hill to the Race Relations Board.
  3. Darth Vader Not just because he is a badass, he gets all the best lines. "I am here to put you back on schedule !" "He is as clumsy as he is stupid ...."
  4. Plenty of well publicised films have flopped because the film makers did a mediocre job. Harry Potter succeeded because of the care and attention to detail lavished on every part of the production. My personal favourite - Wizard's chess from the first film. Ron Weasley is often stereotyped as stupid and cowardly but he is neither. He takes control of the chess game with the skill of a grandmaster, and is quite prepared to die so that Harry can succeed. It is a shock to the audience because what was a fun film suddenly takes a very dark turn, and in doing so forms the emotional core of the story.
  5. "has become more and more withdrawn over the last month or so since finishing a two week work experience which he really enjoyed doing" Perhaps there is a clue there. He enjoyed the work experience so much more than schoolwork that he, quite logically, didn't want to go back to that schoolwork. But to develop that theme further. He really enjoyed the work, so what precisely was he doing, who was he working with and why exactly did he enjoy it so much more than school ? Getting answers to those questions could well be the key.
  6. I remember very clearly those miserable years at school struggling with undiagnosed AS, it was another 10 years before I finally realised what had happened. But one thing I have learned. AS has great advantages in the scientific and technical fields especially as you get older. If I had my time over again, would I trade my technical abilities for popularity as a teen and young adult ? The answer is no, and I become more certain of this as the years pass. My technical consultancy business has turned out to be more successful than I ever thought possible - to the point where I am employing an assistant for some of the work. It is strange, the so-called big bad unfriendly world has turned out to be a far more welcoming place than I thought, and much more so than the educational system ever was. And business success has its perks. To paraphrase the song, the Lord no longer needs to buy me a Mercedes Benz.
  7. Mulling over the options again . . . . I do like the Hyundai Santa Fe . . . . Even more toys and 194 bhp performance. Just as good as the Range Rover Evoke without the garage bills that vary from expensive to ridiculous. I did have an old Range Rover once. It was and still is a fantastic car to drive, providing someone else is paying the bills.
  8. Anyone who is physically attacked has the legal right to defend themselves physically. And indeed, the law allows for pre-emptive action. If a bully shouts "I'm going to hit you" the potential target is entirely within their rights to hit first to prevent such an attack. The same applies whenever the attacker runs at you shaking their fist, the intention is pretty clear. The bullies have committed a criminal offence. It might be as well to remind the school of that. To punish a child for exercising their legal right of self defence is the school equivalent of a malicious prosecution. That is also illegal. The school will refuse to act until they get a solicitor's letter informing them that they are breaking the law - and in a serious way too. I would also advise giving your son a portable sound recording device to take to school. These are small, inexpensive but pretty sophisticated these days and can store a full day of audio.
  9. 'a man is defined by his actions, not his memories' Which of course is a quote from the film 'Total Recall'. And it's good advice. I have found that in the long term saying little and doing lots works rather well. Much as they might deny it most people judge you by your actions.
  10. Aspies like anyone else are responsible for their own actions. The ASD problems fundamentally lie with how other people react to you and that is where help and support is needed. School refusal is not surprising. It was a miserable place for me. But bad behaviour I have no time for.
  11. Asked the leasing company what I could get for another £200 a month and of course the reply was "walk this way sir . . . . " For now it's a 2 litre turbo diesel Vauxhall Insignia. Lots of toys and 130 mph performance if I want it. And an annoying electronic handbrake. Gone off the idea of a fun car because it's just so damn expensive. Rather pay for just one car, that is until I have so much money that I don't care. Regrettably that day is some way off !
  12. I've decided to celebrate 1 successful year as a business owner with a new car in the next few months. But I can't decide on what to get. Perhaps this might be suitable. Bentley Arnage Red Label. 6.7 litre V8, 405 bhp and 0-60 in under 6 seconds, not bad for a car that weighs in at 2.5 tonnes empty. 2002 model comes in at around £20k. If I don't get this, then what should I go for ?
  13. Marie Curie, winner of Nobel Prizes for both Physics and Chemistry. The most famous lady in the first half of the 20th Century - bar none !
  14. I have a hunch that if the two boys were split up, both would benefit - a lot. Only then can improvements be a practical possibility.
  15. Been a while since I posted on here, but I can now report something interesting - that is, starting a business that much to my own surprise, has had considerable success both financially and personally. I have had to turn down work several times too, which is a strange thing for anyone, let alone an Aspie like me. That old song comes to mind - and this time it is not a figure of speech : Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz ? My friends all have Porsches, I must make amends . . . Perhaps my Aspie characteristics are at long last a net positive. In my line of business, accuracy really does matter.
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