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  1. your son is luckily to have a parents to understand , your son is not alone , i try to explain how i feel..... but they ignore... i wish i can leave my house someday if my parents pass away to move a new place to forgot anything is sad about what happen in the past which my sister pull me to do wrong thing in the past , i don't know that is wrong at that time untill few years now i know that is wrong and i feel sad, it is very complicative situation , that is a lession for whole my life then but my sister betray me, so i have to stay away from her,she did it first time , i forgive her, but she did second time, so i forgive second time ,but i have to stay away all that ,i don't know she will do it again in future, so i have to stay away , i said to them that i know i wrong, and i explain to them to understand to help me get overcome , they let me alone even they said that i have fault ,all my fault they pour all to me , it is very complicative situation,what do i do now? i can do work around , cause my parents don't let me go to work, they said i don't have degree, i can't interactive with others,so i have to looking job online, but no job for me online, do you know which website can i work like typing captcha, or typing sentence to get pay? thanks
  2. i am so sad cause i just found it in 32 year olds ,i am so sad that when i diagnostic this i tell my falmily to get help ,but they doubt me, and when trouble came i try explain , but nobody understand me,make him upset he said he will kill me or slap my face if i not stop explain , cause when i was young i have sytom i heard my father tell me that i sit on my father and hit my head to his chest several time then i can sleep , even when i am first grade ,i can't awareness to study and read the alpheal like a b b.... but luckily after that i found that i have new teacher she help me how to read..... but i still fall first grade.... even i didn't interactive to another femal or male in school and even interactive to my family ,i have one friend not have much friend but i can't interactive to her cause i can't communicative long to her . Even when i grow up, i just finish study 9 nine grade,i can't study higher class , i don't have job too, , i have been miss class and slow awerness and i can't understand non verbal ...... . I fell hopeless anything ,what do i do if my parents past away someday , my parents now over 60 years old thank helping read my words
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