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  1. Thanks for the info, I shall look into the book. I had hoped it would be more simple than it seems to be. never mind, its got to be easier than going straight into a gf diet!
  2. Hi I'd like my son to try digestive enzymes , I've found loads of info about how they can help, but nothing advising what makes or types to look for or avoid. They are easily bought on the web & not expensive, but I'd feel happier with someones elses recommendation. Kitty
  3. Hello my husband went on a 1/2 day course teaching physical resraint for AS kids. It was over a year ago & I dont have the details now, but I'm pretty sure it was arranged through the local Autism support org. The NAS would probably have details. Kitty
  4. Thanks for replying. Oh dear I'm not very reasured! was hoping it would be a passing thing. Luckily Will only gets this when VERY stressed (so far) It can often be a good indication to us that something is worrying him more that he's letting on. As for gluten, yes he does get red ears but it doesnt seem to connect to the rash, but I will start to watch for a pattern with that and his outbursts. I have thought about testing for gluten, but dread the idea changing wills foods as he's so reluctant to try anything new. however it has been playing on my mind, he eats alot of high carb foods so prob high gluten too & he often gets stroppy before mealtimes like he's craving something - either carb/sugars or gluten. K
  5. Has anyone heard of this? When Will gets stressed, mainly over school at the moment, firstly he gets covered in goose bumps, if its really bad a red eczema type patch comes up inside his elbow which gets sore & can last days,& sometimes red blotches inside his thighs, but today he had an awful day of outburst & meltdowns at school, so bad he's been excluded for a week, & this evening the blotches on his legs are covered in itchy blister-like bumps. It definately seems to be anxiety related, does this happen to anyone else?
  6. Hello, this is my first post here. My son is 10 & dx 2 years ago with Aspergers & since then also SID & Dyspraxia. He is in a DSP unit of a mainstream school, he's been there for a year, he likes the class he's in & occasionally has had a good co-operative week, but when he cant cope he explodes & his rages are becoming more violent than the school can cope with. With great difficulty (phone calls & e-mails) we spoke to the school doctor on the phone, he couldnt suggest anyone to refer us to but the phyc at CAFS who did the diagnosis, but our CAFs dont support, they only diagnose. So he prescribed Risperidone & will see us in a couple of months. Its only been 2 weeks & theres no effect yet. We tried getting W back to school (he's been too afraid to go in incase he loses control again) as the Ed Phyc was to do an observation, he went in really stressed & upset & having someone staring at him and writing on her clipboard set him off straight away, he trashed the classroom & I had to take him home. He wont be allowed back till after xmas, & that depends on what the Ed Phyc says at next weeks meeting. I dont care if he cant go back to that school, I've told him I will homeschool him if necessary; the last 2 years of struggle at school have been too stressful for him and me, & his tempers at home are very mild compared to school. However, he would prefer to be able to go to school if he could control himself, as he is quite sociable. So where do we go for help? you all seem to go to CAHMS or therapists, or paediatricians. Our GP knows nothing about AS, he will refer us but we have to tell him where. I cant find CAHMS here (Northampton area) I think its incorporated into CAFS & they only diagnose. We dont mind paying but we cant find anywhere to go. The NAS recommends cognitive behavioural Therapy but the nearest one is 2 hours away. I'm sure we're missing something, either that or we'll have to move house! I feel we're going round in circles & not getting anywhere, & W's childhood is fast disappearing. Any suggestions?? Kitty
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