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  1. Hi I wonder if anyone could help. My 7 year old son was diagnosed with ASD at 3 and Dyspraxia. He is in a main stream school with a full statement and teaching assistant. He still does not read and has only just been able to write his name. The school do not seem to be addressing his reading. I wondered if he is dylexic. How do we get a diagnosis for this or does he need a diagnosis and should he be having specialist teaching. I do not know what to do next. Minx
  2. Minx


    Hi Thanks for the advice. Adam has lunchtime cover on his statement but the school already provide more hours that he is entitiled to so I do not feel I could ask for lunchtime cover or they will take it off him later in the day.
  3. Minx


    Hi They offer nothing at Adam's school, but they have suggested observing, but they never want to address dinner time.
  4. Minx


    Hi Yes he would like to be part of games, but he has trouble understanding the games and his reactions are not quick enough. Then yesterday he said children are calling him names. He does have friends at school but I think he is choosing the wrong children to play with. I have spoke to his TA support today and she is going to keep an eye on it. Mandy
  5. Hi My son Adam who is 7 and has ASD is having problems in the playground. He has no supervision at lunchtime and today I walked past the school at lunchtime and he was standing alone starring into space. I am not sure whether this is happening everyday. Anyone else having problems. He is in a mainstream school and the school do not seem to want to address this. Mandy
  6. Hi Anyone been called to Jury Service. I have just received a summons and not sure whether I can be excused or not. Mandy with two autisitic sons one 7 and one 13.
  7. Hi I just thought I would let you know of a positive thing. Both of my children Adam who is 6 and has ASD and Tom who is 13 and has high function ASD have joined the special olympics. This is an althletic group for special needs children. They have trained coaches and enter competions at their own level. They are enjoyed it greatly and it is helping my youngest sons mobility. Thanks Mandy
  8. Hi Lisa I know how you feel. Do you get any support from his dad? I have two autisitic children one 6 and one 13. They both want constant help and I feel like I am being pulled in two. I do not get any support from my husband and he can not understand what it feels like and thinks I am over anxious. So join the club. I often feel like at breaking point, but I have to pick myself up and start all over again. Sorry if that is no comfort. Mandy
  9. I know the feeling. My youngest who is 6 with ASD my husband jokingly said I bet you will not jump out of the window. My son then went upstairs and try to jump out of his window (luckly we stopping him in time). This was extremely stressful and it is hard at times to think a head. Mandy
  10. Hi Josie Welcome to the forum. I have a 13 year old with high functioning autism also who is in mainstream high school with a statement and support. We still have problems, but things have improved. Mandy
  11. Hi I have some really exciting news at last. My six year old son who has ASD and stilll does not write managed to write the first letter of his name Adam today. He is a mainstream school with full time support. This is really a step forward for him, as he does not write or read. It is so good to have a small step forward. Mandy
  12. Hi I have a six year old. Luckly we have a swimming club at the local high school pool and Adam has lessons there. He started off with me in the water with him. Then he progressed to going in on his own. The teacher went in the water and a helper as well. They put an extra helper in the water because of Adam. He has now progressed to a higher group, and just uses the floats. His coordination is coming, but he has great difficulty understanding the instructions. He has got used to going now and does not pull his trunks off as soon as he gets out anymore. It is a relatively small class but I resisted from putting him in a 1-2-1 situation, as I feel he his progressing. Hope this helps. Mandy
  13. Did you take your son out of his primary school? Did he attend a special school? I think this is something we will have to consider in the future. Mandy
  14. Hi I do not mean to moan, but I have had another incident at school yesterday. My six year old son Adam who is six was found pushing another boy yesterday. As usual it was at dinnertime, when he has no supervision. The teacher spoke to me last night and put it down to his medication. I think this is just an excuse, as Adam only takes asthma medication. I mentioned it again today and told them it was not due to this and they said we will see. It looks like we are heading for trouble if he does anything else. I feel the school are blowing it out of proportion yet again. Mandy
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