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Found 1 result

  1. Hi Folks i'm mum to 2 boys aged 19 and 7 both with Autism and 2 girls 20 and 13 Lil Man was in a Mainstream primary i de registered him under section 7 a few weeks ago briefly this primary school has recently 'lost' several ASD children from its care i e found wandering the street without school even aware they were missing, and a mother called because her child had had a 'serious' accident only to be told 'sorry, wrong child, now wait 40 mins for your son' this complain is being pursued via ofsted etc food is a huge issue for George, hes only been off Fortini for a year, only has 20 foods he will eat at all, his class TA had sat with him every lunch time then was suddenly allocated to another child, i have a constantly constipated lil boy again within his main stream class each week there were a mix of 3 teachers and 5 TAs i found him the perfect school, run by an autistic charity with autism trained teachers and they have a place...guess what...the LEA have stated in their opinion mainstream is best for him the implication was that because i have de registered George and so am home schooling, the LEA feels no need to really assist i am not at all new to Autism but i am new to this battle so any advice will be appriciated
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