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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone else gonna lose their lives watching this? Any thoughts? Favourite sports? Anyone have anything to say at all? Edit - should have put "London" as a tag
  2. Ok, so even though it's late, and I'm pretty damn tired, I figure this has to be done right, so here's a post to mark the end of the Olympics 2012 (until the Paralympics start lol). We won 65 medals in total, coming third in the medals table after USA and China. That's - 29 Gold medals - 17 Silver medals - 19 Bronze medals I'm leaving out any negatives in this opening message because there were so many good things - and in some ways I preferred it to the opening ceremony because it had a relaxed atmosphere. For me the highlights of the closing ceremony were the people playing the bins and sweeping (not gonna go into interpretative and descriptive details here - if you watched it - you know what I mean - if you didn't - then it shouldn't matter) I liked Waterloo sunset. Russell Brand was pretty good with the psychedelic bus singing I am the walrus. Fatboy Slim and the giant octopus were great The cannon with Eric Idle sliding out and then singing Always look on the bright side of life - made me laugh after LancsLad psychically posted it in the "what's everyone listening to" post a short time ago - thankfully tonight was a night where it made me laugh The ballet thing was pretty cool - showed a edgy side a lot of people don't see, even if they only got a polite and short lived cheer and round of applause... Brian May was excellent. The flame obviously - seeing it come down and eventually go out was kinda the thing that made me stop and think about this being over in some ways, and hoping it isn't in others... And The Who did a great job of taking the attention away from that, and god he can still belt out a song. Now I have little need to watch TV again.... gonna have to find something else to fill my time Anyone watch it? Anyone sad it's over? What you gonna do with your free time?
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