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Found 1 result

  1. In the time I've known my husband, his weight has changed a lot. When we first met, he used to want to be a wrestler, so he would lift weights and eat a lot of protein to build up his muscles. After suffering from a knee injury, however, he went the completely opposite direction and lost a ton of weight. Nowadays, he's really thin but in a healthy way. I make sure he eats regular meals, and he exercises regularly as it's a part of his job; however, mentally, I know he's anything but healthy. He's constantly obsessing about his weight. Whenever he gets a chance, he's in front of a mirror, pinching and prodding at himself and pointing out his "gut" which most definitely does not exist. In his own words, he won't be happy until his stomach curves inwards. He has good days and bad ones. This week is a bad week; he's absolutely convinced himself that he's suddenly gained a ton of weight, despite the fact that I'm extremely out of shape and I can literally lift him up in my arms with very little effort and carry him around! A lot of it he says has to do with being teased as a child, but his childhood traumatized him so much that he refuses to talk to me about it, so I can't even help him overcome those issues if I wanted to. Anyway, I suppose I'm here to ask if anybody else has experienced issues with their own weight and body image? Do you have ways of overcoming it? What helps you feel better? What makes you feel worse? No amount of praise and reassurance seems to help in my case, so I'm just wondering whether I'm approaching this the wrong way.
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