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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday I had one of those moments when just everything about my life just suddenly made more sense. And it actually felt like a relief. With diagnosises of Asperger's and dyslexia but with difficulties that never really fitted properly under those headings and the general feeling I'm more towards the autism end rather than Asperger's end of the spectrum. There are lots of little bits that (until yesterday) were previously disconnected problems - I had trouble sleeping, I was continually late for morning acivities (no matter how hard I tried not to), I've always been hyperactive, needing to burn off huge amounts of energy, I can't sit still for long, I'm a definite fidget and all the way through school I was classed as a troubled child. Whilst searching on the internet for things to help with my sleep before I loose my job, I came across a website about adult ADHD that listed the exact sleep problems that I have been struggling to put into words, even right down to the 'can't shut my mind up'. From there I read through the rest of the descriptions. Aside from quite obviously I haven't been to the GP, it seemed to really make sense. Even the little things - my support worker has noticed that I fidget and has suggested deliberatly using something when I am stressed. I ordered a tangle hairy (and I love it) and was playing with it whilst playing a computer puzzle game at home. And straight away I noticed that I was consistantly getting better scores that I ever do normally. I know Asperger's/Autism and ADHD are linked but I now think maybe I have ASD, ADHD and dyslexia. Even though in a way its a bad thing, it feels like a relief that there may be an answer.
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