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I was just wondering if anyone as found anything herbal or other that helps with anger and anxiety.Kieran is an hardent gamer and when he s playing his fifa games and he loses he goes on in a full tyrade bashing the pad against the floor screaming and shouting and he gets more and more wound up.He is usually quite calm but ewhen he s game playing he turns into a raving moster.In fact he put his game back in the case and threw it across the room in anger and it smacked me right in the face.I didnt say anything because he diidnt actually aim it at me it just flew my direction and he did say he was never going to play it again and five minutres later he came over and took the game back.my eldest says that if he gets so irrate playing it i should take the game away from him but as its one of his favourite games i think he d make the fallout last for weeks as ha can a simple argument lol.I bought some Kalms for my youngest to take for his nerves on his driving test and i wondered if maybe i could try that to see if it works or not but im sure it d only be a short term solution





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My son can also get like this when he is playing certain games, he loves his computer but will smash his control on the wall ect if he cant do it and scream. What i normally do is if he starts to get wound up then we try and get him to look at us and warn him if he carries on it will be turned off. This sometimes works other times we just end up turning it off or give him a different game to play on one that doesnt annoy him so much.

Not sure about the calms dont know if they would make a difference tbh.


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