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  1. Hi A and A Since having melatonin my ds doesnt wake up as much as he used to in the night. He still does wake up in the middle of the night sometimes but it happens more when he is anxious about something. Once he is awake though he doesnt go back to sleep, so i think the melatonin is more for helping him get off to sleep He has had melatonin for about 3yrs now though and has no side affects. You could always ring you Pead and see what they suggest. Its so difficult to function with little sleep there is no right or wrong answer i think its just whats best for your child and you. Hope that helps <'>
  2. Hi, my son was/is exactly the same, i spoke to his Pead and she prescribed melatonin for him. Its a natural medication and helps him drop off (which is where the problem lies) she seemed to think it was common with some children who have autism as they dont produce enough of it themselves. Anyway he has 3mg every night 30 mins before bedtime and it works very well for him.
  3. Hi Mumble Good luck with the form it truly is an awful form Also you probably know but it can take quite a while before you hear anything so dont worry, and if you were to phone them ( or get someone else to) it is always very busy so you would be on hold for a long time. <'> <'>
  4. Im so sorry your upset Wildkat <'> <'> I have 3 boys, the eldest has asd and he cannot stand his youngest brother, and often calls him his arch enemy He gets so upset/worked up sometimes i wonder what he would do if he got hold of him when he is angry with him. The youngest doesnt help himself though as he aggravates him, which is part of the problem. I also hope they will grow out of it but i know my brothers only started getting on when they didnt live together anymore which is a long time to wait. Im sorry i dont have any advice but i do understand a bit of how your feeling <'> <'>
  5. My mum mentioned this to me yesterday (ive not had a letter yet) and i was surprised to be honest. I wont be taking the insurence. I would like think that most people would be understanding IF my son damaged something by accident and i dont think that he is any more likely than my other children to get into the kind of situation where we might get sued! And i dont want insurence for them either! I cant think there would be many who are prepared to sue a child (with a disability or not) for getting caught in a situation where they have been hit accidentally when the child has lashed out either, unless very seriously hurt but maybe thats me being naive
  6. brooke

    x factor

    it made me teary too he was amazing
  7. i have to say its the opposite for us, due to the lack of routine my ds finds the time off difficult and too long its been 7weeks this time and he was ready to go back last week Hope it went ok for you
  8. i really enjoyed watchig this it gave me great insight into the future for my son
  9. brooke


    Hi Fen08 My son is nearly 9 and has never slept well. After his diagnosis his pead prescribed melatonin for him to help him settle at night time, it is not addictive and apparently its something the brain produces naturally just some people dont produce enough. It doesnt stop him from waking in the night if he is worried about something but it definately helps him get off to sleep. I dont think a gp can prescribe it but i would ask for a referal asap. Does she have a night light this also helped my son settle a bit better. As for the anxiety this is something my son has only recently started, but its more to do with being on his own or getting really worked up over losing something even if he hasnt lost it he will worry incase it gets lost . Unfortuately i dont have much advice but i can really simpathise with you <'> Brooke
  10. brooke


    welcome <'> It is a great forum
  11. Hi I have read online that there is a very good singer who has auditioned for x factor this year and he has AS. Just wondered about everyones thoughts on this Personally i think if he is looked after well and can cope it will be great for him and help public awareness of as/autism. On the other hand i really hope he is ok and can cope with the pressure if he gets through, as susan boyle on BGT had a difficult time. Sorry if this has already been posted i couldnt see it anywhere on forum Brooke
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