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Hi all.


An adviser have helped fill in my son's reviewal form for DLA, he was only awarded almost 2 months ago with LRM & LRC, this was after a tribunal hearing, basically we feel the care rate was low for his needs and requirements which are not getting any better for his age, he is almost 13 and doing things for him, attention, care, support, supervision this and that both day and night, so was advised his award should be looked at again.


Due to this as you cannot exactly appeal to the tribunal for this unless you find an error of the law stated on the statement of reasons, even though we feel his issues were overlooked I was told it would be better to contact Blackpool and ask them to look at my son's award again going on the grounds of him getting worse.


These forms are separate, you tick a sheet for what you want looked at again, such as tick the part of help with getting round or tick help with personal care, so have ticked personal care, if you want them to look at both you tick 2 parts, but my adviser said obviously his mobility rate will not get higher but cannot get lower than low rate care anyway and its his personal care needs reviewing on the award.

We have 28 days to do this and send back, so its slightly different to when you first apply.

I am just glad I have had help this time round and more support from specialists etc, even his CAMHS appointment have been brought forward by 2 months due to his anxieties etc etc, this was meant to be for Jan 08 but now has this appointment this month.


Please does anyone know the procedures of a DLA review and how long this takes ?

I suppose it may still be the same progress like the first application and up to 11 weeks.


Has anyone done this and have been successful by doing this or lost out ?


Many thanks :thumbs:


Di. xx

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I appealed three years ago when my son was awareded low care no mobility. I sent in further evidence regarding my son including a diary etc.

I won and he now as mrc and lrm.

Good luck and def appeal.

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