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  1. Hi everyone and thank you all for your replies x Also sorry for the delay in responding, but to let you know this didnt actually take too long in the end. Way before the 13 week assessment rate they came to a decision with evidence provided that my son is placed in the Support Group, no face to face or assessments were required. This was all sorted by March, so not bad going considering it was late January the ESA claim was first started. Thanks again everyone and hope all are well x x
  2. Thank you. Had the letter through the post to confirm Support Group x
  3. Thanks for all your posts everyone, I am feeling so relieved and thankful that my son never had to attend an assessment or face to face and that it only taken a matter of weeks since we didn't send back his ESA50 form back until the end of Feb. I know my son is very relieved too. Now as this was all done before the 13 week assessment rate is up, his new rate will then change after the 13 weeks which will be April. x
  4. An update again already,am very surprised lol. My son been placed in the support group and this will start mid April once the assessment rate ends, thank you all for your help and support x
  5. An update Atos have now received all the information required and will be forwarding this on to the DWP to review. Found a bit of useful info on google search in regards of the forms ESA113 they send GP's. x The claims process Most claimants will be sent a form, the ESA50, which asks for details of how their condition or impairment affects their functioning. Further medical evidence may be sought at any time from any claimant’s own doctor (using the form ESA113), but we understand that it is most commonly collected only in cases where an Atos doctor decides that the claimant could potentially be placed in the support group without a face-toface assessment. Only about eight per cent of ESA claims involved the use of an ESA113 form,
  6. Hi everyone Thank you all very much for your feedback. I have been updated on my son's ESA claim, it has been progressed already, they have sent a ESA113 to our family GP, if the GP fills in the form with the sufficient information, I was informed this should avoid my son having a face to face assessment. They confirm they have enough of the other information like from his specialists etc but just want this report received from our GP now in order to review. I did send them ample of medical evidence and support letters and repeated all his issues on the ESA50 form. Am surprised how quickly this have moved on, it was only the end of January we first put in the claim for my son. I will keep you posted and again thank you all for your feedback, it's been very helpful x
  7. Hi folks Not posted for a while, but hope all are well x My son turned 20 in January and as Child Bens and Child Tax Credits ended, we were informed by the Autistic Society to put a claim in for ESA. I am my son's Carer and his Appointee as he also has DLA Rate of HRC and LRM, but unable to manage with his own affairs. He has Aspergers Syndrome and High Levels of Anxiety, also Asthmatic,where his anxiety can worsen this condition. So I made a ESA claim for my son, and he was awarded, but for now the Assessment Rate, until they decide what group. I am aware they are behind with these assessments. Can anyone who have made a claim for ESA with the same disability as my son share their own experience please? I have provided plenty of medical evidence from the team he was under (CAMHS) etc, but does anyone know if they will accept letters from family friends or even relatives that know my son well? thanks in advance x
  8. Good Afternoon everyone and hope your all keeping well. Its been a long time since I posted but can see this site is doing real well indeed, well done! ;-) I am my son's appointee and full time carer, he has Aspergers Syndrome and Anxiety issues. He turns 20 next week on 15th January. In regards of continued non advanced education we were claiming Child Benefit and Child Tax Credits, as my son turns 20 next week the final payment of Child Benefit was this week and the Child Tax final payment will be next week just before his birthday. I had an email from National Autistic Society (NAS) as I was after some information of what my son should be claiming from when the above ends, and was told ESA. Please can anyone advise me on the process of claiming ESA for my son please? He already receives High Rate Care DLA and Low Rate Mobility. I was informed that he will have to have a note from our GP to send into ESA, now on this one how do I ask my Dr to word this on the note? This is all new to me in regards of ESA, so any help/info/advice I am very grateful for, thanks again in advance. ;-)
  9. di30

    I'm back

    Well good afternoon everyone Wow, it's been some time since I posted on here. Hope everyone are keeping well. My son is now 17 years old, and I think he was about 12 maybe 13 the last time I posted on here. Been lots of personal stuff going on, I lost my beloved dad aged 69 just over a year ago, as he was very poorly prior to that, so a lot of my time was taken up. It's nice to be back. Welcome to all newbies in my absence. I shall be posting up shortly, look forward to chatting to you lovely folks again. Di xx
  10. Hi there Hope everything works out for all. Also just to say I started Home educating my son as from yesterday and wish I had done this years ago, I know its early days but I've already noticed a big difference in him and to see him relaxed and smile again means the world to me. Although he will be 14 after Christmas, and was in yr 9, he has been tortured by bullies from the age of reception, I think the schools had more than enough time to deal with it ! All the best to all, we can do it folks.
  11. Thanks for all your input here folks, I am so grateful. I forgot to say my son is 13, will be 14 in January. He has been bullied from reception year onwards, so years of torture really..... All we ever had from the school was, it will be all sorted in the morning, yes okay the head of year would call that person into the office, but if it wasn't one it was another bullying my son. The time when we called into the police station was a few weeks back, at school the one boy grabbed a baseball bat hit my son over the head with it, then punched my son in the eye, then kicked in between the legs, my son did not have leg to stand on, and there was a witness who saw this but was too scared to admit it, so I even suggested the CCTV to the school, because I know they have this, and also where this had happened but nothing came of it. Its so heartbreaking isn't it folks?
  12. Hi there Just returned after some time out. I think the police should be involved, my son have put up with years of bullying which it has now come to home educating my son, enough is enough, the school could not resolve it and we have to put our kids first. Its only now from today I have been Home educating but the final blow was yesterday, my son was grabbed from behind and kicked between the legs, this has been going on like I said a very long time, last week my son was pushed against a concrete brick wall and hurt his head and it just goes on and on. The school just seems to say we will deal with it in the morning and that is that. We had the police involved a few weeks back and they did get in touch with the Education Department within that first half an hour, but like I said our kids can only take so much. This morning the de-register letter were sent in and my son seemed a lot happier doing his work from home today, never seen him so relaxed as this.
  13. di30

    Hi there

    Hellooooooooooooo and thank you......... <'> Hope your all well. Wow lots of newbies............ , still a very popular forum then . Will be back later folks........you can't get rid of me that easy lol.......
  14. di30

    Home Educating

    Hi there folks Its only from today I have handed in the de-register letter to the head of school about HE my son was in year 9 of a mainstream secondary school age 13. Daniel has Aspergers Syndrome, High levels of Anxiety and after a battle he was then moved into a special needs class, no statement, but on school action plus etc with IEP which is way behind now in reviews, but the bullying issues were still ongoing, it was affecting him both mentally and physically. Enough is enough. Now I have read through some Home Ed sites, and understand these procedures differ depending where you live, we are in South Wales (UK), and any further information will be a good help, thank you. Both myself and husband have been talking about it for many months now but it was the last blow yesterday, the school has had almost 3 yrs to sort this out and many are surprised why I have left it this long. So its all go from today folks. So far we have sorted out all his school work books, well the ones he has at home, such as English, Maths, Science, History etc and plan to build on this by purchasing what he will need, bless he did also complete some maths sheets today too and also a Physics worksheet so far, so he is more than willing to learn. Anyone else going through this, please can you tell me what I should expect now that my son is de registered as from today? Many thanks. I am aware the Head of yr contacts the LEA, hopefully the attendance welfare department too. Thanks folks. Di x
  15. di30

    Hi there

    Hi folks I'm back Sorry I have not posted in a long time, lots going on, its great to be back though, and I see there are lots more members joined up ever since. Hi there to all the newbies since I've been away from here. Have lots of catching up to do here, so will browse through and see what is what as I have not been on for a while, and also to let you folks know that I have now started home educating my son, long story but I will tell as I go along to cut the long story short as much as I can........ .
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