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  1. Ahhhh, with you now. He crucified sang Wherever I lay my hat
  2. Was it Ian Drury and the Blockheads? I love peanut butter on toast - scrambled egg on toast (with brown sauce) - poached egg on toast (with brown sauce) - cheese on toast (with brown sauce) - emmantel cheese slices and milano salami on toast - pate on toast.............oh, and I like brown sauce
  3. Great news JsMum. Hope the visit goes well Annie xx
  4. So sorry I'm late to this but................ Well done Flozza You've worked so hard to get there, but you've done it, blooming fantastic! Annie xx <'>
  5. <'> Take care Fran <'> Annie xx
  6. annie


    Hi Balloon Animal, Welcome! Look forward to chatting to you Annie xx
  7. Good vibes coming your way Elun <'> Annie xx
  8. annie


    Hi Diane, Welcome . It wont take long, you'll soon get the hang of things here. Anything you're not sure of, just ask. Annie xx
  9. Hi Niki, Welcome back Annie xx
  10. annie

    Hello again!

    Hi Esther, Welcome back! <'> Annie xx
  11. annie


    Hi Ellen-may, Welcome to the forum Annie xx
  12. annie


    Hi Warren, Welcome to the forum. Glad you've found us. Annie xx
  13. Welcome back Loulou <'> Annie xx
  14. Thanks for reminding me Kathryn . I've got a stash of it hidden because our boys like it. If they know where it is it'll be gone in nano-seconds. Going off to find it now . I know how much you love it BD, shall I send you some? maybe some houmous as well Annie xx
  15. Hope JP had a great night . Annie xx
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