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anyone any advise on distance learning!

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hi wondered if anyone has any ideas myy 13 year old dd has not been at school since july 2008 school not really been much help but eventually spoke to local home education officer who threw some ideas our way,one was distance learning and she gave me the details of a college saying dd was entitled to do 2 free courses a year in her situation,on speaking to the college she must be 16 and have standard grade exams to do this ( we are in highands scotland)obviously she hasnt got thses and isnt old enough,BUT it is the only thing that she seems interested in education wise,have tried to explain that it would not be much different from the school giving her work to do at home ,ie sticking to dead lines etc,but the home ed lady suggested largely forgetting the school subjects and moving onto to subjects that could help her careerwise in the future( she will be 14 in march so all other kids her age are picking subjects)so dd wants to do college work,has anyone got any ideas as to anywhere that does distance learning for younger children? i also have to be careful because dd cannot take any form of critasism for her work,she writes and draws plenty at home but wont let anyone see it especially the writing,not sure whether some thing has happened in primary school that we dont know about but she will write pages of 'stories' and then rip them out of the book and eventually just throws them away but hides them ,presumably so that no one can give her any constructive critasism,some times just dont know what goes on in her head!!

anyway if anyone can give me any ideas it would be great

many thanks

julia >:D<<'>

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