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Just a ickle update from me....

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'Ello you lurvely lot >:D<<'>


I wander around here, but don't post much... Am a poorly girlie at the mo, so just hover in the background.


Annnnnyhow - My little man is now a pre-teen...with the spots, and strops to match!


The fight has begun for secondary placement... LEA say mainstream (they would..) although he has always needed full time 121 within Juniors and has still only just hung on by his fingernails......... all reports from professionals spell out very clearly NOT mainstream....yadda, yadda, yaddaa..


Because my silly poorly brain isn't working - i have received fantastic support from a team of people i used to work alongside (SOSSEN). Mikey/I have a solicitor who is happy to do all the paperwork..etc..on our behalf. :notworthy:


Hope everyone is well, and battles are being won without too much heartache.


Peace >:D<<'>

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Hiya Smiley, :)


Good to see you here, but sorry to hear you're still battling on the education front and you're not well.


>:D<<'> >:D<<'> to you and Mikey,


K x

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Hey Smiley!

Sorry to hear you're not well-sending healing hugs your way!!

Argh- the secondary placement things' a bit of a struggle, isn't it? Hope you manage to get it sorted with the minimum of pushing and shoving- it's good that the professionals are backing for something out of mainstream, if that's what's needed.

Keep us updated, and hope you're feeling better soon.

Esther XX

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Hiya smelly smiley -


Sorry to hear you're going through the mill but good to hear you've got some good peeps working alongside to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. Hope it all comes good for the transition.


L&P as always, and keep yer pecker up :thumbs:


BD >:D<<'>

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