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  1. Hah! I had young Matilda with me (where else would she be, I suppose??) and while waiting in the queue at the Post Office, she farted hugely, and, dare I say it, wetly- and the man in front turned round and glared at ME!! Humph....... Mind you, wind instrumentals are rather popular in my house from dawn till dusk. Perhaps if we practised, we could take a highly unusual act onto Britains got Talent........ Pass the air freshener, would you???....
  2. most helpful, thanks karen! that seems to have helped him understand a little better, i just wish i had a magic wand at the moment- think the disruption of the baby brought with her is making things worse too! The baby is doing well, thanks badders- being really rather generous most nights and allowing us some sleep, but during the day she is the ultimate clingon! but she's gorgeous and cute...and being forgiven for everything, even though she DID poo all over my clean jeans yesterday!!!! (hugely.....i shall spare you the details!)
  3. Hey folks! We are having MAJOR issues at the moment with DS1, with regards to him not accepting responsibility for ANYTHING! In spring term, he actually struck a teacher at school (oh, the shame!!) but when we tried to get to the bottom of it, he kept skirting around what he'd done, trying to apportion blame on others' shoulders. He teased another boy who reacted with an almighty shove to DS1, but he's put up with DS1 teasing him this way for weeks, asking him to stop, telling the teachers whats going on, etc,etc. Yet we cannot get through to DS1 that it was his actions that caused the push to happen to him, IYSWIM? He just isn't/will not make this connection- and it is driving me insane! He's also terrible for digging a deeper hole for himself- as in, I'm trying to stay calm and talk him into seeing how he could have avoided these situations, but he's getting all strident and insistent and talking over me...and I could throttle him!! Part of this is teenagery nonsense (he's almost 13, would you credit it???) and hormones, although developmentally speaking, his younger brother is more developed than him socially etc.... Anyone got any advice?? Ta!!
  4. Cheers, folks! She's currently asleep (YAAAAAYYY!) so I thought I'd pop online for a brief while! Just about to go and make a fly cuppa (no doubt, her bat-senses will pick up on this and she'll wake up as I raise my brew to my lips.....) but we are, indeed, having fun and enjoying each other. Her Daddy is smitten! In fact, I think I feature in 0.01% of all the snaps we have of the baby, whereas Daddy is in loads! Ah well, the camera will live to see more days if it's not catching me in its poor, defenceless viewfinder!! Happy days! XX
  5. Give me Pantera, with a huge helping of Metallica....a smattering of the Dropkick Murphys and a smidgeon of Lamb of God.....perhaps a soupcon of MCR with a hint of Muse.....a dollop of Rob Zombie with a splash of Incubus........ Give me metal, punk, indie, I am a happy lady! Though I do like a spot of classical and have been known to wail along (oh the shame) to John Denver on occassion, too. Ah, ANNNND, I quite like the Smiths! Hurhur, my biggest claim to shame is knowing several Steps lyrics, arrrrrgh!!! They're fun when you're a little sozzled though!!
  6. Hey guys- just wanted to let you all know that I'm now the proud parent of three!! (Yoikes!!) Baby Matilda arrived 11 days late on Monday,14th June at 1.40 am! I had a water birth and it went really well- my other half was fabulous and it was almost serene, in a weird way.... Both boys are delighted with their sister- a girl, who'd a thunk it???!!!- and like to be hands-on, especially where the pram is concerned. I just wish I could convince them we don't actually have a racing model pram!!!! Hopefully be around a bit more from here on in, just wanted to let you all know about our lovely little daughter! XXXXX
  7. I warched that one as well, Mumble, and agree that it was more of an info bite on autism than anything else, but again, good to raise awareness.
  8. pookie170


    Hey guys- we're back online, albeit tentatively! Our PC has been most uncooperative for quite some time now, so I've been unable to post replies an so on to ANYTHING!! It's like having your typing fingers (all two of 'em!) gagged........I can hear BD breaking out in a cold sweat at the very thought, hur hur!! All is well, baby is brewing nicely, I look and feel roughly the size of a barge and the boys are being their usual charming selves..... (a slight porky- puberty is occurring in DS1 and sheer cheek is oozing out of DS2 like the mucus that flowed from that horrible green puppet from 80's saturday morning telly!!!!) However, we are all hale, hearty and in one piece (a rapidly expanding piece, in my case....GAH!) and fervently glad to be online again. Hope you guys are all dandy, too!!! Esther and co. XXX
  9. Yet again, ol' Jorders seems fixated on personal image and has an infatuation with cosmetic surgery that one could well put down to ASD obsessiveness. And, in a similar way to Kirsty Wark constantly returning to familiarity in the form of Channel 5, Katie P keeps going back to Pete, if we're to believe the media mill........though frankly, every bloke she's ever dated seems to be frighteningly similar to Mr Andre, in an ident-kit, plastic-fantastic, 6 pack and fake tanned sort of way....... She's clinging so tightly to that comfort zone, her ASD is plain to see!
  10. As far as I'm aware, all the wretched glands that make puberty such a joy to behold (and experience, if memory serves....) start to wake up and sed out teeny flahes at around 7 or 8, in boys. Not full blown hormonal activity, but they start to prepare for the onslaught! That said, what you guys are seeing in your son seems more likely to be due to him developing behaviourally and socially- and not that far off what kids of a similar age are trying to pull! My youngest started trying this kind of thing out this year, the little toad that he is! BD's advice is good- just keep an eye on him in case there's an underlying issue you haven't discovered yet, but this should pass as you're handling it well. Good luck, though- this stuff is such fun, isn't it??
  11. I have to say , Kirsty, that I was sitting here going 'Aww!' when Alex gave you those gifts- how thoughtful was he, getting you the dolphin necklace because you like dolphins? Many blokes far older than him could learn a thing or two, I think!! And you have a lovely voice, young lady- yet another talent alongside being an author, hey? Well done! I must say, I'm thrilled for Tom- his successes are growing and he looked far happier than last time we saw him- long may it continue! And hopefully Oli will have his diabetes under control again soon, and be offered a job. My heart goes out to him, it's really rather sickening when you consider the amount of adults across this country who are perfectly content to sit on their butts all day....and there's Oli, desperate to get work of any sort and he can't get a job....something'll come up soon, I hope. I was so cheered up by this update programme, well done to all concerned.
  12. Sorry to hear of your Uncle's passing. Its never nice when someone that we love passes- take it one day at a time, pet. X
  13. Cheers for all the replies, dudes!! Well, I phoned the school and ended up speaking to the SWM who filled me in on events prior to the meeting I had been unaware of. Turns out that the Ed Psych had sat for 10 minutes spouting about why she shouldn't be there, this wasn't part of her job, she wouldn't be giving any input and she had other things she should be doing. So the SWM explained that she went into the meeting feeling very frustrated (and, reading between the lines, terribly cheesed off!). She apologised that this had come through in her demeanour and reassured me that her aim was to help my son manage the problem areas better. The suggestions put forward are in the process of being implemented and there has already been some improvement, so things are looking up. Another plus side is that DS1 got to experience the school complaints procedure from the other side last week- he was kicked by a classmate as he passed by (said classmate was not having a good day!!) and once the initial hubbub died down, was asked whether he'd like to put in a complaint, to which he said yes. There followed an 'investigation' of sorts into what/why the incident had happened and a meeting involving both boys, the staff member present at the incident and a the SW who organises the peer group too. DS1 seemed to 'get ' that the system can work for him as well as against him so hopefully he might make a better decision next time he feels aggrieved- fingers crossed! Esther X
  14. Hey Smiley! Sorry to hear you're not well-sending healing hugs your way!! Argh- the secondary placement things' a bit of a struggle, isn't it? Hope you manage to get it sorted with the minimum of pushing and shoving- it's good that the professionals are backing for something out of mainstream, if that's what's needed. Keep us updated, and hope you're feeling better soon. Esther XX
  15. Hey guys, thanks for your thoughts. I think, Kazzen, had it not been the holidays, the meeting would have been held at the school with more staff present...but I think I'd like another meeting to try and figure out strategies to put into place in the science class and so on. SWM actually said that DS1 could not have 1 to 1 situation- I'm not asking for it, either, but I want to know if extra support could be made available to help my son cope in the 2 problem classes. It's a trust funded, mainly residential, all-boys' school that caters to kids with ESBD type problems. Many of the pupils ARE on the spectrum and the care commission and HMI reports are fab. Moreover, when we were looking at this school as a placement, the lads we spoke to were happy and contented with their provision- and in general, I am happy with DS1's progress at the school and other aspects (feedback, support etc...) Now, I'm cursing my pregnant brain because I'm struggling to recall if it's 2 or 3 times the school informed me the holding technique had been used. But a thought occurred- shouldn't this be documented, with me having to sign something? Again, I think I'd like to discuss this further. Sally, Madhen, Av- the SWM is the only person who has demonstrated this weird response.....normally, I'd fully expect the school to be more interested in finding new techniques for coping/helping DS1 to cope with problems........I'm certainly going to insist that this be addressed and acted on. Have I a right, do you know, to ask that SWM not be involved in DS1's school life/IEP/further meetings etc? I'm so cross about her behaviour, I don't need or want anyone on our 'team' who'll bring such negativity with her....I'm also now wondering whether this woman likes my son at all! Thanks though- even just the act of venting has helped me to clarify a few things in my mind. (Not an easy task these days!!! )
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