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This is a link to the publicly viewable Google page with coping strategies guides I have written on the subject of disciplinary action at work, redundancy, claiming disability benefits, moving house and coping with large scale crowded events, specifically the Edinburgh Festival from when I lived there but the principles can apply to other events.


I hope they can help others who are going through similar situations :) x

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Hi, I was particularly interested in the redundancy guide but easier said than done. Although you make some good points, many will not work for me.


1. Redundancy means I can't pay the mortgage or afford to run my car. (have you seen the cost of public transport in London lately?)


2. I am too old to be employed elsewhere (given the current climate) and nobody else would touch me with a barge pole


3. I am skilled in a particular professional field


4. Redundancies are already happening in my field so finding another job elsewhere in this field is totally out of the question


5. I am terrified and resistant to change


6. Redundancy would put me into a spiral of depression as I won't know what to do (I have been there before and I could not cope)


7. Redundancy would eliminate all that I have worked for


This list is far from exhaustive


I know I need to prepare myself so any help would be useful



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Dear Robert,


I am very sorry to hear of your dilemma and that I have unfairly raised your hopes by posting a guide which has not been as helpful as you anticipated.


It is difficult to give more personalised suggestions without knowing your circumstances in detail and I appreciate that you may not want to give any more details away to a stranger especially on a thread viewable by others but I have spent time today doing some research and putting together a few more general pointers.


It really is important that you get support and financial advice in place as soon as possible; I would recommend that you contact autism specific services in your area who may be able to suggest contacts with a proven track record in giving informed, autism friendly and aware assistance.


The National Autistic Society:




You may also be interested in the work of Sarah Hendrickx who has written several books on autism and life situations including employment related matters; she is also involved with training and support services and is UK based so the law related information in her works is appropriate to your area.






I appreciate that my own personal experience from which the guides were written is different in many ways from yours and I hope that others with more in common will see this thread and be able to add their own input. I wish you all the very best,



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Dear Aviemorticia


I'm sorry if I sounded a bit negative but I can't see an easy way out of my situation. Also I can't go into too much detail here, not because of strangers, but because I think somebody at work knows I am on this forum (and therefore knows my position). Without giving too much away, the biggest problem (for me) is that I have 3 children to support, have been in the same routine for 4-5 years and the last change of job (and relocation) was a huge upheaval and so stressful that I hoped I would never have to go through it again.


I have noted your links and will take a look

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