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hoping for advise ?

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hello all,,i am hoping for some advise re;hubby.

I know very little about Aspergers and ASD,,,but i am begining to suspect my hubby may be a sufferer.

I will give a little background info,,and maybe somebody could advise one way or the other.

We have been married 40 years,and he has always been a quiet man,and always been quite self-centered,and very stubborn.

But over the last few years,that has seemed to intensify,along with other habits.

Always been a "collector" of anything.....that has intensified,,books (that he never reads,but wont get rid of)..cd's...dvd's.

Spends most of his time in charity shops,and gets annoyed unless he comes back with a bagful of the above.

TV.....spends hours and hours watching it......now into the older type films (cowies,ect)

Will not take responsibility for anything..household bills,decisions,his ailing mother(i have to nag him,to telephone her)..anything !

Is very selfish,not really interested in anybody except himself......and his wants.

If anything goes wrong.it is always somebody else's fault....never his.


Cant problem solve.

Cant discuss.

Problems with communications,telephones ect.

Techophobe....wont use a mobile phone,internet,self service tills at check outs.

Loathe to help anyone...e.g. would watch a neighbour struggle to carry something really heavy,and not offer any help.

Never moves forward....just seems to go further back in time, 60/70 music,old films,ect.

Cant understand if anyone says,,"no,i dont like this or that".....just answers with "its great"....if it is something he likes.

diagnosed as diabetic 2,a number of years ago,but i feel,he had been diabetic a long time,before that.

so,for a while,when he has been a bit off the rails,i have put it down to blood sugar levels.

i now feel,,there is a bit more to it,,but i am not sure what......and the question i always ask myself "is it just me ?"


To be fair,i could write a book,,but would just prefer to keep it all basic.

And it's not a moan about hubby moment,we are still quite joined at the hip.

So does any of these traits suggest ASD ?.....or is it just a man thing ?

thanks in advance



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As we get older, things around and inside us fail.

I am 55


fitter in many respects

than my carer



all fail


some time.

Food needs change,

our digestion


with time




Good Fortune.


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Hello Margaretjulie


I'd have a word with your GP if I were you.


I wish I could do more to help & have the talent to give you good advice.

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I'm 43 and only recently diagnosed, and can relate to some of your hubbys difficulties. It would be a good idea to discuss it with your GP, and take the above list of his 'traits' with you and hand it over - tell them your concerns as well, and how it all affects you. The more they know the better.

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