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  1. Life just gets harder, my features became more obvious as I hit puberty also. Hormones makes things harder for parents. The screaming matches, un-winable arguments. The list is endless. The ASD things is over diagnosed. Lots of people show all sorts of varying quirks, life is varied, its being together enough to have children and cary on the blood line, worry not about the little things. Ian
  2. Smoke and mirrors I suspect I have been lied too again. Monday 15 Feb, visit by senior manager, performance suitable for recording. Tuesday 16 Feb, a statement easily heard by me, by a visiting social worker to my neighbour. Two weeks holiday Six month sabbatical A charade meant for me to hear, the above social worker most likely has had their client list altered. Thursday a letter dated the 16th without any signature, saying I had been added to the waiting list, a list I was supposed to have been on since early 2014! I do not expect anything to happen until the management have been replaced by competent individuals. Do Not Expect Anything From West Berkshire Council Adult Social Services Sorry folks the list of broken unusable council services is almost endless, what draws people to these services? Its really bad fortune to have to have to use these! If you can, stay away from these doubtful individuals. In the end family is the most reliable means of support, I am ageing without children. My sister and her children avoid me. Its fortunate that some council departments have stricter professional oversight.
  3. Paula Sorry, I am very high functioning. We differ. Yet still, I have no children, if I did I would not let them get away with anything. Its important to give support, you have a limited life, what after? Its hard, my body is failing, so will his, then what? Do not expect anyone else to help, it just will not happen. I have an archers build, my sides match on the diagonal. Ian
  4. Architect The spider draws its plans for its web? Maybe its a giant spider who must draw its new design before mustering its children to do the work! A big human eating spider of nightmares.
  5. Maybe its better now, I would never have worked, or got to be a Technical Manager with this loaded diagnoses, I am in my fifties now and this diagnoses has caused me nothing but trouble since I got it, I think its better to avoid it if at all possible. If your son can manage to avoid mentioning this diagnoses it will help his future in finding work and a mate.
  6. Calmer, yet the words have been spoken, they have been heard, I made the correct speech "If I could afford to sue you, I would not need your services", they know full well I mean it. Seen a senior person Monday, a high ranking social worker told someone outside my bungalow that the they had two weeks holiday followed by a six month sabbatical, the day after. Heads rolling?
  7. Spider A very busy industrious spider will spend a lot of time spinning and weaving its web, only to have it destroyed by some clumsy human.
  8. Still around the housing association is now looking for suitable accommodation fot me. Hoping that that to council area that I move to does not have an official DISCRIMINATION policy I am taking cinnamon again with coffee and large amounts of alcohol I am weaker yet angry my day in court to expose these pretenders at providing care
  9. I have had to stop taking cinnamon as I have reached its toxic dose levels. It has been difficult, its obvious liver damage. Recovering by taking just butter! Its too soon to say if my liver will recover again. What do I do for pain? I am starting to do those things I would not of thought of.
  10. Sounds a bit like me. We differ. I have been thought off as somewhat of a genius also as an totally insane one. My time line is coming to an end. However if I can be of some help, do please inquire. Ian
  11. I am still around, less mobile and in poorer heath. Eating is difficult. I am now ensuring that I consume enough animal based fats BUTTER Other things that help are Ceylon Cinnamon
  12. over-troubled-waters our minds can be like stormy seas, mine is calming
  13. NO I am 55 it is best to tell only those who must know ! I Meet worse undiagnosed individuals. A Diagnoses is purely an opinion.
  14. I used to take things apart. then I repaired computers and printers and quite complex things ended up a Technical Manager for a computer company
  15. Hormones Male and Females have those in great abundance We can be normal in that ! He is young, I was too.
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