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I'm a 52yo man, diagnosed Aspergian at age 40 - it was like discovering a universal theory of me.


I like to think I'd used the intelligence it grants me to tackle some of the problems it presents, even before I had a label for them, but regardless of the occasional run of luck I've mostly lurched from place to place, upsetting and alienating people, and sinking into homelessness on several occasions and poverty as a way of life (I've just been obliged to apply for PIP to replace the meagre £20 a week of DLA I previously got - I expect 0 PIP).


My last bout of homelessness got me a housing association bungalow, which is nice - it has a garden and I like gardening, It's in a town and area that could hardly be less appropriate, but thank heaven for small mercies, I say. I've been here ten years, and have no social life to speak of - I have one friend that I met at the homeless hostel, who values my intelligence and non-judgemental approach.


I'm unemployed again, after getting a job with a company that said they wanted to employ disabled people and the ex-homeless. The project manager was less keen, felt I'd been foisted on him, and set about making sure I didn't stay. My union were useless, the company refuse to give me a reference, and I struggle to identify a job I could do (and hope to maintain) locally.


My username reflects the fact that I learned Dylan Thomas's masterpiece, 'Under Milk Wood' by heart (two hours of characterful dramatic recitation). It's been of some benefit to me - as a way of filling my head with thoughts I want, pushing those I don't; it's improved my own understanding and use of language; and someone once said it was the longest chat-up line in the world :)


I'm facing christmas alone again, which is why I sought out online forums. I've signed up to Wrong Planet too, and use the NAS forum.


I hope you all have the best christmas you can.



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Do you have a local autism society run by the national autistic society?


There is a newspaper produced annually for and by aspergian and autistic folk called "asperger united" you can download it from the autism website www.nas.org.uk .


There could also be an autism strategy group in your area or post diagnostic support.


Welcome to the forum hope this is a productive and prosperous new year for you.

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