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university 3 years i wont get back...

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hi my name is sean im a 28 year old aspi just finished year 2 (of 3) of a maths degree and am looking into the bleak choices for next year.

the most difficult of wich seems to be what to do for my dissertation [this is a lenghthy document wich i need to wright on a reasonably advanced mathematical subject(symaler to year 2or 3 of the degree) that will take 1 year to research, process and wright the report (probably approx 50 pages)].

my problem is the ambiguous nature of the request leaves me stumped.

basically i need eather an area of mathematics to study or something that used some complicated maths (eg the calculations that predicted neptunes orbit and its exact position so it could be observed for the firt time in 1846)


BUT i have 2 main aspe problems:

1st i need to discover the most facinateingly amaseing subject ever if im going to be still working on it in 6 months.

2nd the ambigous nature of the task - i need a highly focused topic to keep me on track (im shure you know what i mean, u start walking to the shop for bread for lunch and end up in a cafe then get home to be asked where is the bread an where u been for last 6 hours)...


if anyone could please help me with any suggestions weather you can point me to page and line or just a general occurance you remember (like the neptune thing)



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Hi Sean,


Has there been a topic that you have learned about in your course so far, which you found interesting? It may be appropriate for you to choose an actual or hypothetical real world situation as the context for the topic. I have studied before and would expect a tutor to be willing to have a conversation with you about possible options. You would need to have at at least one topic that you are considering. If you have 2 or 3 topics in mind then that means you have alternatives in case your tutor advises you against your first idea.


I am guessing that your university has a student learning support department. If so, you could ask them if they will help you. They may help you to identify your ideas for your dissertation before you speak to a tutor. They should, I think, help you to plan your dissertation after you have decided on a topic.


It's good that you are asking for help now, because you can start to work through this difficulty before the summer holidays.


You are 2 years through your course - more than half way - so you have managed to find it sufficiently interesting to get this far. Or if you haven't found it interesting, you have at least shown a lot of determination. Keep going!

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your tutor ought to be able to give you some suggestions/point you in the right direction. talk to them:/

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