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Advice regarding 10 year old son with progressively more extreme rages

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Can anyone offer advice on managing my 10 year old son? He is on the "pathway" to an ASD diagnosis and his behaviour has been getting progressively more challenging over the past year - no doubt partly due to hormones. Over the last 6 weeks or so he has become even more erratic in mood - going off like a rocket at various triggers - which we find extremely hard to predict. Dead cert triggers involve anything related to "procreation" or swearing - even what we might consider very minor words are no-no's. He will even freak out if he thinks he's heard you say something that sounds like a swear word, so you end up having to go back over what you might have said to work out what has upset him. His upsets manifest themselves as major rages which start with screaming at the top of his lungs, destruction, swearing (I know!), saying he wants to kill us all etc., for anything from 10 mins to over an hour. This can be in public, in the car (driving on the motorway with him trying to exit the car by banging on the windows!) at home, anywhere. He is also hyper sensitive to touch and reacts badly to the slightest touch saying we've hurt him - but at the same time needs constant hugs and rubs on the "hurt" - but only from me or his brother.

I feel as though he is losing his mind and taking us all with him. Nothing I do seems to work and he regularly screams in my face that I'm not helping and why don't I do something....I am at breaking point...the only things that bring him calm are playing on his tablet and eating.

I don't know where to get help...Conveniently (NOT) Autism Outreach don't work during the school holidays, and my GP has today said there aren't any psychiatry avenues to pursue apart from CAMHS who have so far been less than helpful....does anyone out there have a ray of light for me?????

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Morning. They do say everyone has a twin somewhere I think 10 yr old may have found his. He displays as you describe. There is a lack of services I agree. Camhs have tried to help because a lot of my son's behaviour I'd related more to anxiety but the best help I have found are local parent led groups who have children with additional needs. We meet up and talk it out and share experiences and helpful hints to help reduce sensory overload. I know it sounds random but when someone told me that by taking talcum powder with to a beach you can get rid of all sand everywhere easily as it drys when it removes the sand you don't get that scratchy wet feeling. It has east this summer we have been to the beach 7 times. So much is unpredictable and so I have learnt to accept what I can't predict and gradually work on what I can. I take mine swimming nearly every day because he loves to float and spin in the water. It apparently helps them to gain balance and answers sensory needs it has helped because whilst he is there I can relax.


A lot of my son's rages are related to his frustration with school I am on the ehcp path now and although my son is high functioning I know a special school will answer the environment issues that mainstream never can.


He loves his tablet and eating too. When it gets towards evening time I turned all lights lower and turn loads of to reduce overload then again bath time give him half hour to just float etc it reduces the outbursts if they begin in time length.


I hope you do find some groups near you. I know.little miracles has a few groups in different places and if not then maybe reach out in your local area and arrange a coffee morning.


I do feel you but please always remember to look after yourselves so that you are stronger to deal with what comes. Xxx

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