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I've just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I haven't been diagnosed with Aspergers (ASD) yet. However, I'm 99% certain I have it due to doing various tests and extensive research. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 8 (23 now), but didn't go on medication due to my parents being uncomfortable.


It'd be nice to meet some new people who are likeminded people. I'm starting to find socialising difficult as I'm quite blunt, very literal - I say exactly what I mean and answer exactly what I've been asked, I dislike small talk as I find that most people aren't actually interested in what you have to say but just to talk for the sake of talking. For example, someone walking past asking if you're alright, what if I'm not okay?


Any of your experiences of finding out you had aspergers and what things made you look into it would be more than welcome..



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hello and welcome


It is possible to have ADHD and Aspergers, it is also possible that dyslexia manifests itself as ADHD.


If you are not okay then you reply "im not okay, kind of you to ask". Or "could be better". Are there any local

autism or asperger groups in your area you could access? Let me know if you need help finding somewhere.


You might want to look up "visual stress" as some folk find colour overlays can help them to read or concentrate

on reading. For me I find reading upside down is easier than the right way up.

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