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Year 7 high school. English

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Hi everyone, It's been some time since I was last here. So just to update, my son is now 11 and has started Yr 7 at high school. He has settled in really well and has even made a couple of friends along the way :).


We attended an induction evening last night with his form tutor and he has progressed really well in all subjects so far BUT..the poor work ethic in English is still there. My husband and I were proud as punch while we were chatting to the form tutor but I have a knot in the pit of my stomach because every year, since our son started school, begins like this. First it's his poor attitude (with writing usually in English) which is flagged until eventually it takes a turn for the worst and it results in rudeness, work refusal, restraining and ultimately suspension from school.I know they will push him with this and then every other aspect of school which he does well in will go out of the window. I have been there, done it, tried to help and failed miserably in the past.


My son really likes this school because he said they help him instead of telling him he is lying all of the time(his words) and I can see how hard he is working to be someone he is not everyday. I am to contact his English teacher to discuss the above which is the only area in his progress that requires improvement but I really do not know what to suggest. As far as I know he gets a scribe when doing lengthy pieces of work and I only know this because my son told me. Does anyone else's child have the same issues? if so what suggestions have you or the school made to help? I really don't want to see my boy turn into the unhappy shell of a person he did throughout primary school.


Thank you.

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