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Mihaela's back :)

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Hello everyone! :party: It's Mihaela, back from the Land of Nowhere and into the Norfolk Broads again - after once reaching the dizzy heights of some forgotten mountain. Ages ago I forgot my password and tried to retrieve it via email, but my email address (which was being paid for every year) disappeared, and I couldn't get back in.


I tried every way possible but without success. At last I'm back, thanks to Mr Salvador who never gave up. :notworthy: He set up a new email address and new name and contacted one othe mods and eventually it worked! :balloon:


I'm not well at the moment, full of cold and aches, so I won't be posting until I'm able to concentrate better. Impossible with a persistent headache. :crying:


Hope to be bouncing back soon though. :bounce:

PS - I've tried 3 times to set up my old avatar on here but when I click 'done' it doesn't do.

PPS - tried 7 times now - given up. :( I need it there so people will recognise me from before.

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youre very welcome Michaela!


you were my first friend on here so of course im going to help you!


glad you can post again

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