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Disclosure before diagnosis

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I am a 40 year old male and I am almost certain I suffer from Aspergers/ASD although I haven't had an official diagnosis yet.

It has been almost a year since I went to my GP about this, who sent me to the local mental health team, but they don't have someone who can diagnose ASD so they have referred me to a psychologist. However, they told me the waiting list is very long and it could be a year before I get an appointment - that was 3 months ago.

Meanwhile, I keep encountering situations in which I feel that disclosure would benefit me, but I am afraid that if I don't get the diagnosis I expect I will be made to look a fool. So far I haven't told anybody other than medical professionals who need to know about my problems or that I am waiting for an ASD assessment.

My question is, is it advisable to disclose before I have a diagnosis or even that I am waiting for an assessment? Has anyone else done this and what was the outcome?

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If you feel you need to cover yourself and you keep doing and saying things not compatible with what other people say or do, or you constantly have misunderstandings with other people, then I would disclose to your boss that you think you have aspergers and are waiting for a formal diagnosis. Unfortunately the chances are your boss won't even understand what that means.

If you haven't already you could try the online tests below to determine for yourself. When you get to see someone who can diagnose you they will probably use the exact same test, that's what happened with me. 



Good luck

PS, I found the author Eckhart Tollie a huge help in managing my own aspergers, in particular the ability to not be dominated by overwhelming emotional reactions and compulsions

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