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  1. The diagnosis was wrong. It doesn't matter that you are self aware, most low dependency people on the spectrum are self aware. There are autistim specialists with autism At the end of the day, if autistim makes sense to you in regards with your experiences, thoughts and behaviour then you probably are on the spectrum. Nobody else can have your experiences, only you. It sounds like both your mum and the Clinton's you visited only see autism in terms of someone with high dependency. The person who said you don't have it because you are self aware or because you are self diagnosed doesn't really know anything about Autism. Here's some links to online tests https://www.additudemag.com/screener-autism-spectrum-disorder-symptoms-test-adults/ https://psychcentral.com/quizzes/autism-quiz/ once you do some tests for yourself then get referred for a formal diagnosis . If they say you can't be coz you are self diagnosed or too self aware you can tell them that half the people on the spectrum are self aware and ask them if they realise it is a spectrum Get a second or third opinion if you need to, but don't except what you know isn't true. Good luck Ps it isn't really a disorder, it's Neurotypical people who call it that
  2. Getting a diagnosis is vital and getting occupational therapy will help, but only you can put everything in context. How do you experience emotions, do volatile emotional reactions urge your decisions and actions. Do your compulsions urge you do things or avoid things? Do you find that you miss-read people and situations to the extent that you really don't know what's going on around you or with the people around you? The best thing I learned is 'presence' or being in the present moment. Remember all your senses are heightened compared to neuro-typical people and you can use them to wake out of the constant thought stream. Experience sounds, touch, vision, the sensation of your own breathing (without any analysis) to break out of thought. From there I found most of what goes on in my head becomes much clearer and I could challenge compulsions and thought based emotional reactions. I can see my thoughts and urges from an external POV and I can dismiss them as the product of miss-firing neurons. I don't suffer as much from depression any more. I came to my current mental state, purely through watching Eckhart Tollie videos on YouTube. Good luck to anyone who wants to give it a try and by all means contact me if you are interested more
  3. Hi If you feel you need to cover yourself and you keep doing and saying things not compatible with what other people say or do, or you constantly have misunderstandings with other people, then I would disclose to your boss that you think you have aspergers and are waiting for a formal diagnosis. Unfortunately the chances are your boss won't even understand what that means. If you haven't already you could try the online tests below to determine for yourself. When you get to see someone who can diagnose you they will probably use the exact same test, that's what happened with me. https://www.aspergerstestsite.com/75/autism-spectrum-quotient-aq-test/ https://www.wired.com/2001/12/aqtest/ Good luck PS, I found the author Eckhart Tollie a huge help in managing my own aspergers, in particular the ability to not be dominated by overwhelming emotional reactions and compulsions
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