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aspargus child exclusions and push to fail

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hi all  I am new here but I feel like we try to fight all the time how long we have to do it until Jakub get the help today we send the email to school governors copied under what we can do any suggestions welcome as we feel hopeless sorry for the length 

I am very sorry that we get to the stage when I have to write to You and complain about the school approach to our disable son .He is attending to Nailsworth school since reception and since then he needed the extra help as he is autistic child and since very beginning we were honest  with the school about  Jakub's needs and always we were sheering the all information about the Jakub with school we manage to bring the paediatrician to school and we was appealing to  SEN Tribunal when LA refused to give the extra help to Jakub. We trusted that the school know what they doing and supporting our son on the right level  but the things changed since he started Y3 Jakub was removed from the school life more and more he stopped eating lunches with other, stopped playing with kids at the play time and  he was removed form his class and he was put in to the separate room when his staying for 90% of his time he even wasn't allowed to go to the school trip even with the mum (decision was changed but the damage was made ).
Then we went to his first exclusion what happened because school don't understand how to deal with autistic children (head teacher for the first time give Jakub new teacher to go with him on swimming pool without any explanation to our son, she didn't know Jakub;s routine on swimming pool Jakub started to be confuse and hit teacher by accident-he had dragon toy in his hands and it was little place).
   We feel like the school turns to be against our son instead of help him they try  to fail him for example, when we picked  the Jakub up yesterday from the school we were told that he was ok and he completed the maths task and maybe he will get certificate during assembly .Today when I was taking Jakub to the school I was ask by deputy to have a chat and I was taken to  Jakubs room (were he spend 90% of his time ) and I was told in front of him that when he went Yesterday to the class he told to the boy(reported before to the teachers that Jakub don't like him as he is not nice to him and provoke him to do silly things) that he kill him and if this happen again he will be excluded from the Monday trip so I suggested to deputy to start to do they homework and learn bit more about autistic child and this that he can say a lot things out which really don't mean nothing and I requested the meeting with the head teacher .Then my wife get the phone from school to came and pic up Jakuub home early, when my wife go to the school she was told that Jakub bite the teacher so she asked what happen and then she find out that  Jakub was told that he can not get the certificate because his mats have to be checked again and then he get very angry and when TA try to hold him he bite her all what they have to do it just give him this certificate and he will be happy boy but not instead off this they provoked the situation and expect Jakub to understand .So now Jakub is excluded from the school tomorrow and he can not go on Monday trip .From our point of view this situation should to be avoided with the minimal knowledge of the Jakubs disability (what reaction they were expecting Jakub was so happy about this certificate -first this year- and next day sorry but no???) .We parents think that it is very unfear ,Jakub wanted go to assembly -first time this year-to pick up his certificate what could be such a big step for our son but by stupid mistake all gone and yet they punished Jakub so much ,especially Monday's trip. Head teacher is going to deny it because he wants our son to be send to another school -he told this to us-so we are afraid that school will provoke another situation like this(this is only our guesses we don't to accuse anybody) ,we are so confuse we don't know who is telling true ?Who we can trust now? I want to add that 2 weeks ago Jakub was on the class trip and he was really behaving well ,maybe  too well ? Maybe this is the reason why he cant go on Monday trip?
We are not happy with the school approach to our son and his learning 90% is done in home and instead of giving us his book every day as we requested we get the bulk work as nobody know what he has to do it were his books are no one coordinated his learning journey.
  We would like to remand You the inclusion school duties 
 Activities within the school Mainstream schools and maintained nursery schools (but not FE institutions) must ensure that children (but not young people) with SEN ‘engage in the activities of the school together with children who do not have special educational needs’ provided that this is reasonably practicable, does not prevent them from receiving the support they need, and does not prevent the efficient education of the other children and the efficient use of resources (C & F ACT 2014, section 35). The reason for a child’s exclusion from activities must therefore fall within these conditions. The Equality Act 2010 should also be useful if a disabled child or young person is being excluded from activities (this Act covers young people too) and requires the school/institution to increase access, to anticipate and prevent problems and to use reasonable steps to include children and young people in activities. Remember also that inclusion is meant to be a fundamental principle underpinning the Code  so exclusion from the Monday trip is great example of the Jakub's discrimination again
   We hardly believe that the school can do much more and much better to support our son in main stream education we believe that this school should to be for everybody including autistic children we would like to have a meeting to further discus our son future in this school

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