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Another newbie :)

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Hi, I'm Neal, in my early 50's and I was diagnosed with HF ASD (Asperger's) 12 months ago.

I've always felt like I didn't "fit"

It feels like I exist in a bubble, with the rest of the universe happening around me, but not to me - if that makes any sense!

I was told at age 11 that I was adopted ( my "mum & dad" where really my grandparents and my "older sister" was actually my mum!). My entire family structure was turned upside down in an instant! Until recently I always attributed my lack of confidence, inability to build bonds, and general "not fitting in" to this revelation, but when my 10 yro daughter was diagnosed with ASD 18 months ago and as a result of the research my partner and I did into autism, I began to realise I may be on the spectrum. Sure enough, my diagnosis was confirmed!!!

I'm sure my past experiences also had a significant part to play, but that combined with my diagnosis has made much more sense of my life and who I am.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly who I am, what I want and how I want to fit into this world, and I hope this forum will be able to help me do that.

Cheers, Neal


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Hi Neal

Like you , I was diagnosed in my early 50's.

I had always know that I was a bit different, diagnosis gave it a name & helped make sense of things. The really good thing about it was that suddenly I realised that I was not alone & that there were other people around who had experienced life much as I have . So when you say you exist in a bubble I know exactly what you mean because that is what it is like for me. You can see things going on but somehow can not be a part of it.

anyway, I'm no good at writing so I'll keep it short.

Cheers, Tony


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Really hope this forum gives you some ideas of how to navigate this confusing world that is post diagnosis.

I'm one of the moderators on here.

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