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Asperger's in Cornwall

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Good morning.  I'm new to the forum.  


I live in Cornwall and have discovered that I had more options for help prior to an Asperger diagnosis than after said diagnosis.  I'm over forty and was diagnosed nearly two years ago.  I went to my GP last August as I was having problems coping day-to-day; anxiety and depression.  I have poor eye contact, like most of us, and my GP kept looking around behind him everytime I lost contact which became unsettling.  I stated that I'm having problems processing stuff and he just stated 'we all process stuff'.  The best he could offer was 'Blue Therapy'.  Apparently, as a person who is anxious and doesn't socialise much I should go out into the wilds and exercise near water...

I then contacted an organisation in Truro who I was advised to contact for advice.  They informed me that they can't help me.  Apparently If I was a parent of or a child with autism then I'd have more options.  


Does anyone else have similar problems?  I get frustrated that as an adult with Asperger's there's basically no help at all.  

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If you have access to Facebook then this organisation might be able to help you.



Meetings where services offered to adults with autism are discussed are held here.



Welcome and sorry you haven't had anyone respond to your post until now. What support you can get depends on a number of factors.  im in my early 40s and set up peer support groups in some neighbouring counties due to lack of services in our area. At one point we had 3 organisations running groups for adults with autism in 1 area, but now that's reduced to 1 due to covid which is another limiting factor even though Cornwall will be in tier 1 (at least for the first 2 weeks). It does sound like your GP doesn't understand you, ive had a few that dont understand me in the past so can empathise with your situation.


Unfortunately the NAS website has changed quite a bit so getting harder to find services and information on there, but the above link is a starting point for you.



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