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David Seagrave

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David Seagrove 1941 - 2019, a man who had Aspergers syndrome.

Short auto biography:


David Seagrave portfolio:

More articles from Ragged University:



David Seagrave for Remade:


A Measure of All Things David Seagrave:


David Seagrave's model trains (part 1):


David Seagrave's model trains (part 2):


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That's very sad to hear.

I met David years ago, as we attended a group called ELAS, in Edinburgh. In 2008, we went to Dumfries. David and I ascended the hill Criffel together, near Galloway. 

In 2009, we went to England. I remember David saying he was a fan of model trains. He would have gotten on well with my mate, Frank, as he collects them too.


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I used to see David around Dunfermline mostly in the library, where there were some computers for people to access the Internet.  There was an article about him, his Asperger's syndrome and his interest in model trains in the local paper, more that ten years ago.  

I had suspected that I had Asperger's syndrome but as he was the only person that I was aware of with Asperger's syndrome, I compared myself with his presentation to the world (some of which is in the links above) and concluded that I had only slight Asperger's syndrome, if at all.  I got my diagnosis quite a few years later.

Unfortunately, after I received my diagnosis I never spoke to him about Asperger's syndrome, I regret that now.  I only found out about his passing when I did an Internet search, after I realised that I hadn't seen him about town for a long time.

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Thank you for letting us know. I only met him once and didn't really speak to him.

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