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Just doing a quick straw poll to compare withdrawal periods for those of us whose children are on the diet.


I started with J on the first day of the school holidays but had a minor blip at the beginning when I discovered that the sausages I'd been giving him contained MSG (quite common in gf saussies, I've since found). So we were only delayed a week or so really. I'm convinced he's had no other gluten since then.


The reason I'm asking is that apart from a week of highly structured playscheme he's been a bit off it all through the holiday. Although we don't have the same level of structure as school, we still keep to a tight routine even during the holidays. Generally J's been much more angry, unresponsive, distracted, bouncy and irritable. We're having a real hard time communicating with him just now, it's been getting me down this week. Usually I can manage to calm him down and begin to get him to respond but it seems that there is no obvious 'trigger', just a state of mind that I can't break through. Right now the only time he's quiet is if he has a book in his hand, and even then he's often reading passages aloud or asking questions, oblivious to the fact that we're otherwise occupied.


Anyway, wondered if it might still be withdrawal and thought it worth checking to see if any of you have had it last as long as this.




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Hi Karen,


It can take a really long time to get it all out of their systems. I think it is supposed to be over 3 months at least for gluten. My sons main aggressiveness and anger seemed to last for a week - but that was the extreme end (he nearly bit my nose off on day three!!) and then I would say it was about 8 weeks for him to even out a bit. They are lots of other things that rear their ugly heads when you start the diet - like the msg, and phenols and salicylates etc, so you may find he is still in detox on and off when he gets these some days and not the next unbeknownst to you !! Also there are the hidden glutens and caseins that he may be getting now and again too....But dont be disheartened - it gets easier to judge and as you have found out with the sausages - you begin to find out as you go along.


Good luck

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