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natural remedy for adhd

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#1 LizC


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 19 January 2008 - 01:41 PM

Hi Matthew has AS and adhd and currently not on any meds. I give him eyeQ fish oil everyday which he's been taking for over a year now and works well with his concentration but he gets very wild/hyper at home and won't calm down/finds it hard to calm down, which is normally on a night! anyway went to holland and barrett and they couldn't recommend anything other than the fish oils which he is already on and rescue remedy but that contained alcohol so I decided best not. any ideas on what I can give him to help calm him on an evening? he is 7 1/2.... thanks (he can get violent too!)

oh and dr is reluctant to put him on melatonin!

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#2 allie



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Posted 20 January 2008 - 12:18 PM

My Ds started taking Clarocet junior a couple of months ago and I've noticed a huge diffrence in him as has everyone else.

#3 LizC


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 20 January 2008 - 11:28 PM

Hi did you buy it in the shops or on line?

#4 peaches


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 13 January 2010 - 06:05 PM

You can get Rescue Remedy NIGHT and that doesnt have alcohol in. I have bought some for our little girl as she has sleep problems also.

I will look into this clarocet though.

#5 baddad



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Posted 13 January 2010 - 06:58 PM

Vit B6 helps some, but be careful about the source (could contain gluten)
If you're using omega 3's that contain Evening Primrose oil that's been indicated as problematic sometimes too, I think.
Tesco's one a day omega 3's work well for my son, but are bigger than 'that brand' wink.gif
ben has the 'push me pull you' AS/ADHD combo too and i've never medicated as trials always proved problematic - i.e. a dose that helped ADHD affected his concentration/functioning so much that the trade off wasn't worthwhile... GF/DF made some big advances, but there were other indicators to point me towards this too... He still seems to 'swings and roundabouts' periods where ADHD is more problematic, and they've occassionally been bad enough to hedge me toward medication again, but always with the same 'trade off' results.
Much better generally than he used to be, and I'm anticipating that adolescence will bring more problems, but eventually lead to a more stable adulthood, which seems to be quite common whether ADHD alone or the double whammy!
I would also consider very carefully just how exclusive 'hyper at home' is... If he's demonstrating problematic behaviours only at home then you need to think about that, and not just in an 'oh it's the only place he feels comnfortable enough to let it out' or 'it's the release after all the effort at school' sort of way. They are very common responses to situations that have a far less complicated explanation...
Hope that helps


BD biggrin.gif

#6 JsMum


    Mt McKinley

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 08:51 PM

hi I looked into clarocet junior that is aimed at children with ADHD type symptoms, its not designed exclusively for ADHD but its got a lot of herbal ingrediants that help children with ADHD, I have not ordered any from the clarocet website as we now see a private herbalist and have them made to meet individual needs, I take Valerian and st johns wart which have been amazing.



Anyway good luck


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#7 Sooze2


    Ben Nevis

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Posted 03 March 2010 - 01:26 PM

My son has asd/adhd and I found all the fish oils made him very very hyper, especially those ones with orange in (I can't bear to recall the reaction he had to those!)

Is your son wild and hyper in the evening during the weekends and holidays or is it just after school? Is he like it at school? My son was hyper all the time but far far worse after school partly due to being stuck in all day and the other part due to him not coping and zoning out at school and being unable to follow anything that was going on. He has been medicated for a year now and he is so much happier and it has changed his life to the point where he asks for his meds because he feels the positive difference they make to his life, he was very unhappy before.

I'm not sujesting you medicate - school and consultant had to persuade me to do it to be honest because I was against it (scared of it!). His consultant did say the same as Baddad - it was an unknown quantity what effect medicating would have on him because she said that if his ADHD was crontrolled by the drug his ASD may have come more to the fore and he may actually appear much more Autistic and different to his freinds which could have a negative effect! What she said has happened but to very very a small degree but he is now feeling more included in life and has even been taking part in a majour theatre production in the local Secondary School (he is primary) for the last few months which is totally incredible considering before leaving the house at all caused him trauma! He is on a low dose which has changed his life in an imensely possitive way, because he now copes and can actually listen first rather than meltdown first which is great.

Sorry, I'm rambling and I know this isn't what you asked about but I thought I would reasure you that medicating isn't always a bad thing. I felt that I had failed as a parent when the consultant sujested it (told me he had to have it!) the second time because I don't beleive in medicating for anything - I was very very unhappy about the whole thing.


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