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  1. Hi haven't been on here in ages!! well I would love to come but I can't make the 9th aug. we are away that week!
  2. Hi mention everything and anything that will help your son. it won't hurt to put it in! I put everything in like fish oils, inhalors etc.
  3. really? I thought I was suffering alone. I am having a bad day today more dizzy than usual, am sick of these wierd dizzy feeling and feels like my brain is being pulled around. are your symtoms all the time or now and again? I am scared these feelings will never go away. sometimes these things can happen a long time after you have gone through something stressful. i have had some headaches too and migraines, but they are normal for me. also have a lump feeling in my throat. these feeling get me very down too and then I get anxious for feeling this way.
  4. hi Dr thinks I am suffering severe stress and anxiety too. for 3 months I have been feeling 'unbalanced' and weird dizzy feeling in my head more or less constantly I often feel like I am on boat and have tinnitus (ringing in my ears) and loads of floaters on my eyes. I felt extreemly anxious with it and am on anti ds again and sleeping pills although dr is trying to ween me of the sleeping pills. I never thought it possible to feel like this, didn't know could cause something as horrible as this. dr didn't know if I had inner ear infection or not but leaning more towards stress, been through alot with M last year then bad tooth at begining of year which cause loads of anxiety and we are moving house (on saturday) it is awful isn't it? I am sure I have been on the brink of a nervous breakdown too. alot of the time I was not eating/sleeping andf just not going out/talking to anyone and crying loads.
  5. LizC


    Hi Matthew has aspergers. when he was assessed it was difficult because of his concentration problems so his Iq was average. they did say they didn't think it was true though and believed his IQ to be higher than what the tests were saying. he is a very bright boy and works things out right away. he is very clever and talks and acts like an old man.
  6. Hi we waited just 5mths to get seen from going to the gp to be referred. then it took just 3mths to assess and dx at 5yrs 2mths.
  7. LizC


    Hi My friends daughter had shingles when she was 4. If I remember rightly it was on her foot. not a nice thing, my grandad had it too. Hope you son is feeling better soon!
  8. Hi Matthew wouldn't bf either. well none of mine did really but the eldest and youngest had dummys and Matthew just didn't even know how to suck the thing even though he was bottle fed!
  9. LizC

    feeling down

    Hi everyone. sorry haven't been on in ages. still not good. am back at the drs on monday. have had this for 2mths now. just feels like I am on a boat, the floor feels like it is going up and down. just wish it would go away! It has been the holidays here and so this week the kids have been up at the nanas and I went to stay with my parents for a few days. for those that have had it before, how did you feel? and how long did you have it for? It just feels like it is never going to go away and I feel very depressed and anxious with it. really hard trying to deal with the kids. Oh and also I have tinnitus as well which is really sending me mad (high pitched ringing in ears and head) thanks for listening to my moans but really need to talk about it.
  10. LizC

    feeling down

    Hi haven't been on much and that is cause am feeling very down and depressed. still got this inner ear infection (labrynthitis) and today the dr said it could even be menieres syndrome. feeling really scared as i can't bare to have a future of wierd 'swimmyness'. got alot to deal with at the moment. with the house sale and everything. so stressful!
  11. LizC

    Classic Car

    lol that is quite funny!!! couldn't agree more, I really think it could be a police car. there is just something about it!
  12. oh no! poor you, and I thought I was the one who had problems!! still dealing with this inner ear infection which causes balance problems! hope you get your window sorted! Can't believe workmen these days!
  13. Hi having a high IQ will n ot go against him. My son has aspergers and his main difficulties are his anger/behaviour amongst other things. make sure you write everything down and the worst days too, include as much info as poss and what time scale where appropriate. I wrote loads filled in all the boxes there were appropriate to Matthew and added another 2 sides of A4 about him too. Matthew is into his second dla award now and recieves lower for mobility and higher for personal care. make sure you put things in like not understand social cues etc the way you right it can help too.
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