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  1. Hi Joybed I sympathise wth you and what you are going through. It sounds very similar to our household at the the moment. My DS is only 6 but has become so manipulative and argumentative about everything. He's always had violent outbursts and although these have reduced in number since he started on medication he is just getting so big that the ones he does have are becoming very scary. His poor brother and myself get the rough end of the deal and although we really could do with a holiday away I just haven't got the courage to do it just yet. Sorry I have no advice but just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and hope you manage to have a good holiday.
  2. Hi All I haven't been on here for the last couple of months, things have just been so hectic. I've had a bad few days with C, he had one of his worst meltdowns to date on thursday, and he has become so strong now that it really worried me. (and hurt me ) I've been searching and reading up as usual and came across weighted blankets. Does anyone have any experience of using them, just wondered what the thoughts were. Also what are they weighted down with? Thanks.
  3. Wasn't me, you can't prove it!!!
  4. Hi RQ Haven't been on here for a couple of days and have just seen your thread. Have no advice but wanted to give you one of these <'> and say you sound so like me so I do understand, I hope things are a bit easier today. Allie x
  5. allie


    <'> <'> <'> So sorry to hear it hasn't got any easier yet. Hopefully with DH's help things will be a little better for you. Good luck with the rest of the week. Allie x
  6. allie


    Loads of <'> <'> . C is the same and its definitly started since the xmas hols. I have put a very strict routine of what we are doing and when for this half term but I am dreading it. I hate staying in but am too exhusted to go out as not sure what will happen and am too worried to try. Good luck hope today has gone okay. Allie x
  7. I'm normal, everyone else is abnormal ( as long as I believe that all is well )
  8. Sorry Carol, I wasn't going to get involved with this but I think the whole idea of a forum is that if you post something up, it results in a discussion, thats why forums are so great because you can get so many diffrent peoples perspectives and opinions. I do feel that if you post you have to be open to other people commenting on your post!
  9. allie


  10. My Ds started taking Clarocet junior a couple of months ago and I've noticed a huge diffrence in him as has everyone else.
  11. allie

    So angry!!!!

    Thanks I like that saying - just so true. At least we can all always come on here and have people who understand
  12. allie

    So angry!!!!

    When I fetched my ds1 from school today he told me he didn't ever want to see one of his 'friends' mothers. This little boy - you all know the type- loves winding C up and then thinks it very funny when C reacts, usually by pushing, hitting etc. Now I know C is no angel but he doesn't understand. Anyway this boys mother goes into the class at the end of the day and says to the teacher - a substitute, not regular - and points at C and say's 'I don't want my son near that boy, he pushed him!!!!!!!!!' Needless to say I went straight to the head, she was brilliant and said she will speak to the mother. But I was so angry, I've no problem if she wanted to complain about C but surely its common sense not to do it in front of the children. Sorry just needed to rant!!!!
  13. allie

    Help Please...

    Not sure if I'm allowed to name it - Mod's please change if its wrong. Partylite - a candle company - you can go online and find them, used to do loads of tealight holders like the one you are talking about. Hope you find the right one. Allie
  14. When my son was dx, his pead said he was very definitly asd but had so many other traits that she didn't think she would ever be able to fully dx him. She said he was obviously a very complex little boy - I could have told them that years ago!!!!!
  15. (it was a squeezy one with a net over it and it sort of squeezed like pustulent spots through the net... it was fab)... but like all of them it burst. I got my Ds the same stress ball, there was goo all over his hands before we got home , just glad he didn't wipe his hands all over the car seat
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