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Music Files

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Is it possible to change .mp3 files to .wma files?


I'm trying to copy my brother's music from his computer to mine. He used iTunes, but I use Windows Media Player.

Although I can play the music in Media Player by clicking on the files in "My Documents," they do not show up in Media Player, which means I cannot copy them to a CD which I can play in a ordinary CD player.


And no, I do not want to start using iTunes myself.

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Hi tally -


I'm sure media player s/b able to do this (?) - it's usually the other way around (changing stuff to MP3 from wma) that's more difficult...


If you can't find how, then a freeware audio editor called 'audacity' will convert them for you, or you could try another freeware programme (look on c-net (download.com) ) that might offer batch convesrion and do it a folder at a time. I used to use free-rip, but c-net now advises it includes some bundled software that some antivirus progs take issue with(?)... I think koyote free is quite good too:




but don't hold me to it.


If you download audacity (or some other conversion software) you may also have to download a 'lame' converter plug in for WMA. It's freeware again, but not bundled to keep mr Gates happy. Audacity will prompt you and provide a good link the first time you try to convert wma...


Personally, despite the file size being a bit bigger I always rip to bog standard MP3 as it'll play on pretty much anything, whereas WMA codecs are a bit restrictive.







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Is it possible to change .mp3 files to .wma files?

There are various free converters available online, if you Google. However I suspect some may be dodgy, so I'd be a bit wary, virus check them etc. You can probably buy proper software from the PC shop.


I had this problem and didn't want to try the free thingys - I found instead a different player that works like the windows media player but plays everything and I have that on my Netbook so I can play all my music and movies. V something or other, can't remember it's name... :unsure:

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Windows Media Player drives me nuts - Since going to itunes I've never looked back (until I get given bloomin wma files and have no choice grrr)...


To convert.


Burn to disk or device straight from the containing folder - then rip to WMP - it gives you options to convert BEFORE you rip the music - it's in the options menu somewhere, simply select wma and your ready to go.


MP3 are a lot easier when it comes to using other programs/devices - it might be worth considering putting some of his music on a MP3 player instead, especially if his music collection is quite large, that way you keep the originals but can have a good change around whenever you want and it's portable too :D

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I think the real key here is what you are trying to achieve... if all you want to do as you say is copy the files to your PC, then burning as an audio CD is not required, just burn the files onto the CD as data files and not music (you will fit far more on per disc this way too).


Once on your machine, there should be no issue opening them in media player, and media player should definately recognise them without you needing to manually click them. Just ask media player to scan your PC for new files to add to its library.

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I want to be able to play them in Windows Media Player on my own computer, and also to put some onto CDs to play in my ancient CD player that doesn't play mp3s. I need to burn them onto CD using Media Player because I don't know any other way of doing this. Burning CDs is less important than being able to play them on my computer.


However I have found that ever since I burned myself a couple of CDs, the stuff I'd already put on there suddenly started showing up in Media Player. Weird!


I didn't know there was a special button to get Media Player to scan for new files to add to the library. I will try that after the next batch. Thank you :)


We've actually found a load of CDs, so I might be able to do a lot of them direct from CDs.

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I've just asked someone who knows more than me and their opinion is that WMP does play MP3 - I personally verified this by insisting to see his music files and then playing a few tracks.


This would leave you with the option I said earlier (loads of disk burning - very tedious - but it does work - it's better for just a few disks though and not an entire music collection)


OR - some of the files may be M4A or AAC - itunes also plays MP3 which possibly explains WMP being able to play them.


You could check the file formats to see if they are all MP3 - in which case the fact WMP isn't playing them is just weird.


Another viable option would be to temporarily download itunes (its free) burn what you want to disk and then remove the program (just watch that you have copies of your files in a secure place if you do this, cuz itunes has a nasty habit of taking music when you kill it :devil:)


Sorry to say so much but I just had another thought!!! have you performed the add new music to library function that WMP has? Where it checks your entire computer for music files and adds to library?


Hope some of this helps



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I've been using Switch Sound File Converter for about 5 years.

Here's the address: http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html

It's free and very reliable, although possibly not supported by Windows 7...not sure.

I have XP.

When you first download it, you get a 2-week trial period and at the end of that time, it asks you to upgrade to the paid version.

If you then go "Start" "Control Panel" "Add Or Remove" and begin to uninstal it, you are then given an option menu to purchase the full version, or downgrade to the free version.

The free version does everything I need..it basically converts any file..wma, itunes, mp3, wav etc into any other format, with various options for file size etc. I think possibly the free version doesn't convert OGG files, but I don't use them anyway.

You have to make a wee empty destination file to put your newly converted file into...it's pretty simple.


Another useful freebie is MP3 tag, which allows you to attach information to MP3 files, such as album title, track number, artwork etc.


It's better than having lots of songs labelled 'track 1, unknown album' like I used to lol.

The information you add is read perfectly by windows media player, ipods, mp3 players, mobile phones, and even CD players that will play an mp3 disc.

PM me if you need a hand

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