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  1. I note a previous post saying accounts cannot be deleted but this is against new GDPR rules. I request to have my data deleted or I shall be forced to report this
  2. I guess you didn't get to delete your account then! I also want to delete mine... no obvious way

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      Usually, you cannot delete accounts on forums manually. Even if you could, all of your posts would remain. The only way to get an account deleted is to message an administrator, who has to do it from a control panel. 

  3. I think the real key here is what you are trying to achieve... if all you want to do as you say is copy the files to your PC, then burning as an audio CD is not required, just burn the files onto the CD as data files and not music (you will fit far more on per disc this way too). Once on your machine, there should be no issue opening them in media player, and media player should definately recognise them without you needing to manually click them. Just ask media player to scan your PC for new files to add to its library.
  4. Just noticed the original post date so perhap this was a bit too late! oh well useful for tohers I guess, and a good reminder to those who feel secure... you aren't!
  5. Windows passwords take seconds to crack... download Ophcrack live cd (just google it), burn the cd, boot to it an voila, the password will be displayed in under 5 minutes usually. WinXP is easiest, Vista uses a different hash so is harder to generate the rainbow tables for.
  6. oohhh great I'll take a look. I once started a blog but kept forgetting to update it and so dropped it in the end. I think you should tey and blog regularly and then turn it into a book one day
  7. My stepson is also obsessed with food, bread and apples are his staple backups! After a massive bowl of cereal he asks for another, and after that one he will happily eay an apple. He literally eats us out of house and home. He too eats too fast, doesn't chew enough, just throws it down his throat. However, because of his ADHD meds he loses all appetite! So we are having the opposite issue at the moment, he isn't gaining enough weight or growing as fast as he should be.
  8. That's really good, and I am also so glad it had text so i could watch it at work without the sound! What I really like is that you have created something which can be communicated clearly to people who don't have ASD... sometimes I need the reminder!
  9. Yes that could be difficult! I'm not sure if the Police in my area would have any idea about Autism, if you gave them a card I don't know what they would do with it. My boy is so regularly out being disruptive in some form and the locals are the kind that refer to the standard naughty child syndrome. The problem here is clear though... a child missing a limb clearly has a disability and will be treated appropriately, but ASDs are just not obvious; I know my child has an ASD but I still struggle to know exactly how to deal with him at times!
  10. Hi I am a Power Consultant in the North West and have a stepson with ADHD and Aspergers, my two other children are 3 and 1. I have joined the forum to chat with like minded people in the same difficult boat that we as parents find ourselves in
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