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  1. Just wanted to share this. Some of you may have read in other threads that I have had an experience in Tesco's recently where the checkout lady made me really cross by her reactions to Tylers outburst (which was because she had to take his book off him and scan it). This weekend a woman pulled her son away from Tyler in B&Q because he was having a 'moment', so I looked at her, smiled, and said "don't worry, its not catching". She flushed slightly and walked away, I didn't even mention ASD. I now realised how far I have come, even in the last few weeks since diagnosis, based on a telephone conversation I just had with an old friend. I rang her to tell her we have moved. We haven't seen her for about a year. She asked after the kids and I said Tyler is starting school on Monday, she responded with the usual "No, he can't be starting school already..." as people do, then she asked which school and I told her Chalet School (special school) and she asked me why he was going there, so I told her he has been diagnosed with ASD, her reaction was "but he's such a lovely boy" in a tone that suggests ASD kids are NOT lovely. I actually smiled to myself on the end of the phone and said "yes, he is a lovely boy, isn't he".
  2. Tyler has a trampolining lesson on a Monday evening with mainly other ASD kids. He loves it. Last night we were driving there and he said to me "Mummy, can we build it?" (he had been watching Bob the Builder a short while before) and I said "Yes we can, Tyler", he responded with "No, Mummy, I'm not Tyler, I'm Wendy". Truly imaginative play. He has also started responding to being asked if he is OK with "yes, I'm fine" and have no idea where he heard that!! His speech is improving daily
  3. Congrats!!!!! I'm am soooooo broody......!! <'> <'> <'>
  4. I'm sure he'll be fine but I probably won't! ds goes back to preschool the same day so hubby (stay-at-home Dad) will be given a list of chores for that day, to keep him occupied he he he
  5. Got a letter in the post this morning, Tyler starts school on 5th September. The letter relates to transport being provided but states the start date for school. He was only accepted into the special school after the summer hols started so am waiting to hear from them but now we know the date I am all over the place! I KNOW it will be great for him. This school specialises in ASD and the class sizes are very small. Its a Fabulous school, couldn't ask for more, but it is still my baby going to big school
  6. I heard the next film is September too - and the next book is next summer. I saw an interview with JKR and she said all the chapters are written, it just needs hanging together. Can't wait................
  7. Me too. They are FABULOUS books - they just drag you in, kicking and screaming, don't they?!!
  8. HP. Agree about the last book. The previous 5 had me gasping aloud while I was reading but HBP really just culminated in poor ol' Dumbledores death - I always knew Snape was a snake in the grass (pardon the parselmouth pun ) there were too many unanswered storylines, dumbledores withered hand, for example. And Ginny Weasley with Harry? Not really believable and seemed a weak storyline with nothing much happening. Best of the lot, in my humble opinion, was Order of the Phoenix. Looking forward to last one - will Harry be an Auror, or save the school from closure and be the new headmaster - or even Defnce Against the Dark Arts teacher? I reckon the last book will say that Harry is actually related to Voldemort, thats why they have such a bond, and why Voldemort couldn't kill him. Maybe his aunt, uncle and cousin are really death eaters??!!!!!
  9. I must admit that within a day or so of diagnosis I was online trying to find a 'cure' but I knew there wasn't a magic wand. Poor little fella. We are fortunate that our son is at the very able end of the spectrum but it si still hard. One of the specialists on Tylers PDDAG said that they way she explains it to newly diagnosed parents is this: Having a child is difficult, its a tough job bringing up kids and similar, metaphorically, to climbing a mountain. Having a child with special needs means you climb the same mountain, but with a rucksack on your back - its just a bit more difficult but you still reach the summit and get the wonderful views on the way. Quite a nice way to look at it.
  10. TylersMum


    You certainly do. Welcome! Its a great site.
  11. Well done to your son, great results. You (and he) should be very proud x x
  12. Sorry - forgot to add that ds diagnosis of ASD made getting him into the school I wanted 10 times easier and gave me something concrete to work with.
  13. Hi Bid, Again, I can only re-iterate what everyone else has said. <'> My dad had alzheimers disease and one doctor came out to see him when he had an infection, and a person with alzheimers reacts to infections quite badly by, in my dads case, becoming aggressive (which he never had been before). The doctor pulled my mum to one side and said "don't you think it would be fairer to let him go?", shortly before my 4' 11" mum threw the 6' 5" doctor out of the house. A second doctor arrived after a stressful phone call and gave dad some antibiotics, he was right as rain within 24 hours. I know this isn't to do with AS or ASD but it does show how some medical professionals can disregard oder people and their uniqueness. <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  14. Thanks so much to everyone for your words of encouragement. I'm in the middle of moving house at the moment but will resume writing afterwards. <'> <'> <'> <'> <'> <'>
  15. Thanks guys <'> I'm thinking of writing a collection and seeing if I can get them published, maybe for a charity, or NAS?
  16. I'm sure you're right! We are also taking Daddy and dd Emma (3.5 yrs NT) with us so its going to be fun fun fun (I hope!).
  17. Probably not but it would be impressive if they did ds is really into cbeebies and toy story at the moment, we frequently get the entire toy story filmed given to us verbatim. He gets the voices down really well though, he DOES sound uncannily like Tom Hanks sometimes!!!!! We are only an hour away (Swindon) so thought it would be worth the trip. Better than panto!
  18. ds (asd) absolutely loves Cbeebies so I have just got tickets for Cbeebies Live! Its in Birmingham on the 28th December - anyone else going? Possible coffee/meet up I am thinking....! We are going to the 13.45 showing.
  19. Know what you mean - haven't actually written anything for years, its all been typed on a PC so my hand writing is appalling now
  20. Thanks Tylers-Mum, you could've written it, considering they have the same name!!!
  21. Whenever I hit a hard time (Tylers diagnosis, losing my dad to Alzheimers when I was pregnant...etc) I just write poetry - not sure why but it does seem to help. Anyway, just thought I'd share with you guys the poem I wrote recently after Tylers diagnosis. �We think it?s a boy� they said at the scan and from that day to this you were my little man. Then 2 days before The date you were due After three days of labour You were born ? I loved you. You were perfect to me With a headful of hair And those twinkly eyes That gazed into my stare. Each milestone came You hit every one. Walked before a year My amazing son. But speech wasn?t good Something?s askew Too young to tell Was Doctors view. At 3 you started pre-school A ?different? boy is seemed Time to undergo some tests To find out what it means Suddenly support came From every way it could Special Groups on Fridays The progress made was good. More tests for diagnosis, My son a ?subject? now. I knew what word was coming But I ignored it anyhow. But there it was just weeks ago In black ink print on white My baby is autistic I knew I had been right. But I wasn?t ready to hear it And crumbled like a cake It?s a mis-diagnosis They?ve made a big mistake. Was it me? Or MMR? Or a difficult birth to blame Wherever the fault lays for this, the outcome?s still the same. So now I am accepting That his behaviour has a name. He?s still my little baby don't say that its a shame. There?s a reason why he screams out loud Or pushes me aside But every day each thing he learns Fills my heart with Pride. He still looks into my eyes sometimes and I fall into his gaze I remember how, when he was born, he set my heart ablaze. The fire burns as strongly now as it did when he was new. But now I know the love I have no ?illness? can undo. Thanks for reading..
  22. 1 ticket does state 'Carer Ticket' so thought this site was the best place to offer these!
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