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  1. Some of you may know my circumstances from previous posts, but if not, here's a potted history. I work full time, dh works 3 hours 5.30 - 8.30am then stays at home with kids, Tyler is HFA and 5 years, goes to local specialist school who are FAB and Emma, NT and nearly 4. Goes to preschool and is a MADAM!!!! Dh's parents split when he was young - his dad is a violent man who remarried and his mum is an alcoholic who smokes about 50 a day. Doesn't make for a great childhood, particularly when teamed with his 2 elder sisters who are mean and nasty and have 7 kids between them. We have very little to do with his family, no need when I'm the youngest of 14!!!! Anyway, the point is, dh found out last night his Mum has 6 months to live and I have no idea how to deal with it. I lost my Dad four years ago and I just cried a LOT but dh is dealing with it by getting angry, then crying then wanting to talk about it, then not wanting to talk about it - I don't know what to do for the best other than be there for him. ds and dd both know her so he will take them over to see her more often (she lives 40 miles away) but as for funeral expenses and everything, he seems to think we will foot the bill - how does that work? Should the eldest pay or should it be split three ways? Any advice welcome!
  2. I had a sneak peak at the site for a while this afternoon and Luke seems very confident. I suppose for me it is a reassurance that these kids with AS and ASD can, to lesser and greater degrees depending on severity, lead independent lives. That was one of my biggest fears for Tyler.
  3. I do feel sympathy for her, downs and autism, her life must have been very hard.
  4. Damn. Missed it. Thought it was tonight.
  5. I honestly feel that he just can't be bothered, I've looked at the links - thanks for those - but he doesn't actively avoid, he just wouldn't bother to eat otherwise, unless it is something he likes - smiley faces, chips, ice cream (which he eats beautifully with a spoon and doesn't spill a drop), yoghurt, fish or chicken. Maybe I am amking a mountain out of a molehil - it has been known!!!!
  6. Just found a fabulous story on the BBCs OUCH page. Its about a fmaily where all four boys have ASD or AS, heres the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/ouch/tvradio/autism/ It was on in July. Too tired to search the archives!!!!!
  7. Dh just called and told me the woman who killer her son who had downs syndrome and autistic traits got off. Story here http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/beds/bu...rts/4399832.stm Not sure how I feel about this yet.........
  8. My son had his booster without my knowledge, although I've not seen any deterioration.
  9. Hi - another one who was devastated when the diagnosis came - we had a good idea what the problem was but I still broke down when it was confirmed. It gets easier and you will get lots of support here <'>
  10. Update: We have started a star chart (ala supernanny) for his younger sister and he is VERY keen to have his own chart. I've knocked one up in Word if anyone else wants to give this a go - to get their 'treat' at the end of the day (comic or very small easy-to-dispose-of-later toy) they have to eat 2/3 of every meal and there is also 5 boxes for their five-a-day veg/fruit. Works with NT dd, fingers crossed for Tyler !!!!
  11. Me too - 5 years old, cuddly, talkative, imaginative, sense of humour and autistic. The best one I had was "but he is such a lovely boy" as if autistic kids are NOT lovely. Fortunately I had been exposed to comments like this previously and it didn't upset me as the previous ones had, so I smiled sweetly and said "yes, he is, isn't he?".
  12. Thanks for your posts! Definitely not a stress reaction, and I'm praying he doesn't switch to crying!!!!
  13. With my neurotic hat on today, I have just researched this and don't think it applies to Tyler. There is no history of it in either family (unlike the ASD traits) and he doesn't have mood swings - he is always happy, just sometimes it is deliriously so!!!!
  14. Phew! So I'm not alone! Lauren, I think it must be an ASD thing because I've not come across it before, my 3 yo ds is also being driven to distraction with it. I feel so ungrateful that I have a happy (but incredibly irritating at times) little boy!!!
  15. Tyler has recently taken to laughing, and I MEAN laughing, in total hysterics at nothing at all. I imagine he is remembering something funny from his fave film at the moment (Peter Pan). At first, 3 weeks ago, I thought it was soooo endearing, to hear him so happy is wonderful. Every now and again he will say "it's so funny Mummy" or whoever is with him and carry on. This weekend has been the pinnacle. He has been hysterically laughing since 6.30 am every day - its the first sign he is awake - until he falls asleep around 8.30, constantly. I am going out of my mind. I don't want to tell him off for laughing but it's absolutely killing me now. Any suggestions? Distractions aren't working........
  16. I have some cards from the NAS. Had some bad experiences in tesco's and B&Q so have a stash in my purse for such occasions now. Next time I 'hand one out' I might actually get Tyler to give it to whoever is judging......... They say 'This young person has autism' on them then go on to explain in 2 or 3 bullet points what autism is. A real "stick that in your pipe and smoke it" card!!!!
  17. Its so frustrating because he CAN feed himself perfectly well but just won't actually do it! He sleeps well and I find that cauliflower is the best veg because he loves potatoes and mashed cauli can easily be hidden in a forkfull of potato!!!!! I'll stick with it - better he gets his 5 a day than not I suppose.....!
  18. Thats very touching.
  19. Tyler is HFA and is perfectly capable of feeding himself but is too damned lazy to do it. Therefore, every time we sit down as a family in the evening (which is every night), I end up feeding him. I do this for 2 reasons - firstly I want to make sure he has eaten something, but mainly because if I feed him, I know he has had a good load of veggies and protein as well as the carbs, which he WILL feed himself. Is this common with anyone else? How can I make him feed himself without forcing him?
  20. Mine was Fadg. My Dad was a cockney and when my Mum was in labour with me, they told him the baby would be a few hours yet, but Dad pointed out I was already making my way into the world, as he could see my head, which was the size of a fadger (cockney slang for farthing). I was called Fadg by my teachers, all my friends and family until I hit about 17, when I decided it was uncool and made everyone call me Nicki!!!
  21. Hey Tylers-Mum, I felt the same when Tyler left pre-school, they had way over and above what they HAD to do, taking time out of their own private lives to go to special groups to help learn about ASD more so they could help Tyler. I wrote the 2 people involved a letter when Tyler left. happy to send to you. Will send in PM in a while, when I've found it!
  22. I've just done it! Hads my very first Governor meeting last night. Already I feel more empowered to make a difference to the school where my son attends. I say go for it - you can always pull out.
  23. <'> <'> <'> <'> Glad you found this site. Things can only get better Tylersmum
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