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  1. Hi Bruce and welcome, lovely to hear from you, my son is 12 but already 5ft 7 with size 10 feet, he has Asperger's. Great to hear that you're going to Uni, hope my boy can too, well done you! Marion
  2. Marion

    End of an era...

    Bit late for jaded but might help someone else- Cerebra do grants for trampolines and our kids qualify, it's not means tested.
  3. Thanks Sally, you are so right it is a full time job isn't it! So sorry about your course, it's so frustrating cos I want to work and can earn quite a lot if I can get there but can't say from one day to the next if DS will be able to go to school. Have taken on board your advice and am goin to get everything in writing from now on, they are going to do a reding and writing test with him so as soon as they have the results we're going in armed with all the information to press for an Assessment of needs. Think I might write to Richard Branson and tell him about all our untapped talent, he might give us all a job on our laptops from home......just ave to tell im we can't do phonin, can't tie up the phone...lol!! Am gonna stop sobbin an bein depressed and pathetic now, gotta get more positive and get on with it, if we cant fight for them who will? Thanks to all and had everyone has a good day x
  4. Thanks Karen, mornings are awful arent they, nobody understands unless they've been there, I am working one day a week at the moment and was supposed to start 3 days from 1st October, not goin to happen, feel sick cos we need the money and I might not get the chance again but what can u do? We have to put our kids first and as such are not "reliable" lol, hugs to you and Ben
  5. Just wanted to say thanks loads for all your advice, am waiting for the post after ringing yesterday to say that I had requested in writing (thanks Kathryn and Sally) the minutes of both our meetings last week and also their written proposals of what they plan to do to support ds. He has managed a few lessons each day this week so far,had phone calls yesterday from Head of Year, Head of learning support and the drama teacher!! Apparently they are going to do a reading and writing assessment with him and will then discuss with us how they cxan support him. Alexsmum, I am so sorry your boy has had to go through so much and send him huge cuddles, if I can help with websites , free resources etc pleas PM me,it's hard having them at home but I can honestly say my ds was never happier, it worries me loads that his self-esteem and mental health will start to go downhill again now that school has re-entered the equation but feel we've got to try/
  6. Hi again, thanks for the support, it's a bit lonely sometimes isnt it!! Been sitting in the school car park all day, ds very stressed and anxious, he managed 2 lessons today! At the moment he has no support at all, the new school said he would be able to share another boy's support in English , Maths and Science-and then didn't put them in the same classes. He doesnt have any support in lessons at all.We have no IEP as yet. The meeting was really unproffessional, with all involved (Year Group leader, Head of Standards and Head of Learning Support (ha ha) being very defensive and one of them actually said "What do you want us to do, we have 1600 pupils-this is a mainstream school" Am angry and upset that his first week has been so difficult because school have basically not supported him at all, he now hates it and says he can't do it which could have been avoided with just a little bit of help to settle in. He says he doesnt understand what most of the teachers are talking about,he did a drama class today but his group didnt include him, he didnt have a part and sat on the bench watching.Going to keep trying to get him in and hanging around in case he needs me.Have asked school to write to us with the minutes of our 2 meetings with them detailing our dissappointment with the lack of (promised) support and to tell us how they plan to support him from now on, (that was last Wenesday, nothing yet) LEAs apparently have different criteria and DS doesnt have a statement as his IQ is in the normal range! Thanks again, Maz
  7. Thanks for the advice Kathryn, you were absolutely right about the school's attitude, unfortunately it wasn't good. The learning support people had assured ud that "they would do everything possible" to help him in the first week, they did nothing they said they would and at the meeting actually rolled out the line "without a statement...." This is completely the opposite to what they promised us in the meetings we had before he started. He's upstairs now sobbing that he "can't cope" Can't believe it, was supposed to go back to work 1st October, we had such high hopes (after being promised so much) and now are so disappointd.take care and thanks
  8. Hi all, got a meeting ar DS new secondary school today, he started last Wednesday after being home educated for 12 months as he couldn't cope at primary, he has Asperger's, dyspraxia and severe dyslexia. We were so hopeful that he would cope at secondary school but it has been a disaster so far, he says he has a headache constantly and can't cope with the noise and the shouting, whistling, the bell ringing etc. He also thinks everyone in his form hates him and thinks he'e "weird" Don't know if anyone can give me some advice-on the one hand I think he needs to get used to it, but in my heart I dont think he will, the year before I took him out of primary was a nightmare of crying, self harming, not sleeping etc, dont want to go through all that again if the end result is that school is just not viable for him.Just wondered if anyone else has gone through anything similar and what the outcome was? Our LEA is a nightmare, he doesn't have a statement, (we went as far as tribunal and lost) Thanks for listening
  9. Been researching this for a while now, if you type "mercury toxicity" in on "you tube" the results are amazing, apparently mercury is in the vaccine mixers , Franch troops (allegedly) were the only ones who didnt get gulf war syndrome and the only ones who didn't have a certain vaccine? Gonna keep looking into this one.
  10. Hi Dharma, so sorry to hear about your wife, she maybe wants to see if you care enough to make the effort yourself to help the relationship (I'm sure you do but it might help to try to show her?) I know there's a lady on here called Delyth who I think has set up a group for partners, Relate sounds like a great idea, it may be you could have couples counselling with someones who knows about ASD>There's a book "Aspergers in love" again dont know a lot and havent read it yet but might help, I think its different couples telling their stories. Hope things improve <'>
  11. We're in much the same position, had no choice but to take DS out of school it was really damaging his mental health in the end, but yes we r very skint now having basically lost my wage. On the plus side DS loads happier and we're enjoying learning together.Some of the things I found out in the last couple of months Carers Allowance-if your child gets DLA at middle or highe rate and you earn less than �95 a week you can get carers all, its about �50 a week. Family fund-you can apply for a grant for all sorts of things if you're on a low income. Cerebra will pay for specialist computers, trampolines, bikes etc. Am looking into working at night, maybe puttin the mortgage onto interest only, tax credits-there's something about 3k per annam if you're child gets DLA?? This is just my findings so might not all be correct, it's worth doing some research locally, somebody came out to the house and filled our DLA form in for us, can't remember where she came from. There's loads of free stuff on the internet you can access for learning at home as well.PM me if you want to chat, good luck.
  12. Hi, don't know if this will help but DS was havin problems with his vision, had an eye test "normal" but I knew it wasn't. Someone told me about Ian Jordan, he has a research facility in Cambridge and a practice in Ayr in Scotland,we went to see him on Saturday, he was quite amazing really. Ian asked DS to look at his nose and tell him how much he could see- he said "your nose and a bit of one of your eyes" I was amazed, Ian has state of the art equipment, gave DS green lenses-he could see so much more-DS said the difference was massive. I know they're also doin research at Caledonian University in Glasgow, dont know where u live but google Ian Jordan-someone nominated him as a hero on the NAS site-might help x
  13. Ahh that makes sense! Have made an appointment and we're looking forward to seeing you, best wishes,Maz
  14. Hi Science, thanks for that, there seems to be two Ian Jordan's, do you mind me asking did you see the one in Ayr in Scotland or the one in Cambridge? Best wishes, Maz
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