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  1. Thanks In my experience ive found the carers allowance people on the phone to be friendly and helpful, but I would never take spoken words over the phone as a definitive answer, Id like to find something concrete!
  2. Hi Kathryn and thanks Theres definitely a restriction...it even mentions it on directgov website, saying that the restrictions even include OU study. Im already getting carers and deffo care for my son for more then 35 hrs! Was just wondering if any one else had done it too?
  3. I get carers and income support [my son 8 is in receipt of DLA] I think you are allowed to study for up to 21 hrs a week while claiming carers, I have checked and am eligable with help towards course fees. Has anyone else studied with the OU? The first course I want to do suggests 8 hours of study a week and the next ones [if I manage this one!] suggests, 16 or 20 hrs a week. Has anyone done this and did they have any issues regarding their carers allowance? I have googled like mad and cant find much in the way of definitive answers out there. Thanks
  4. Hi Glad to hear your son is getting help with his ears. Grommets sound like a pain but if they help a necessary one i suppose. if thats what my son ends up having it will be a shame as swimming is something he enjoys despite the issues of getting undressed/dressed at the pool! I know what you mean re the noise sensitivity though, i sometimes think my son is better off not hearing as well. but its just not something you can just ignore either. Good luck with finding a suitable secondary school place, whereabouts in the country are you? how does your son feel about his diagnosis? is he getting much [any?] support at school? I feel very lucky as my sons school are excellent with children with ASDs and he has a fab teacher who is also the parent of an autistic child, im worrying slightly about changing teacher when he goes into the next school yr in september as change is never good with him and because hes been so lucky with lovely teachers who hes got on well with, i dont want that luck to run out! Do you have any other children? Sorry for all the questions! but its good to be able to 'talk' to people who understand
  5. Thanks Lynne Ok so i think i need to give his Paed a call.
  6. Hi My son [8] was diagnosed with ASD at the begining of march. He doesnt sleep much, it takes him a long time to 'drop off' he is often awake until 1am not always as late but never before 10pm and on average its about 11:30pm-12am that he goes to sleep. He typically wakes up 2-3 hours later and will either start doing stuff but as i sleep light [because i have to!] i get him to come into my bed and he usually goes back to sleep for a couple of hours. I have been reading on forums about the use of Melatonin and i think it could possibly help my son sleep better? [and give me some more sleep...pleeeease give me some more sleep! ] I am used to this pattern now and cope on very little sleep, i do find the broken nights tiring but thankfully im able to function on not as much sleep as you are meant to have probably as i have no choice! I just think that maybe he will feel better if he gets a proper sleep? despite him not getting much sleep he is always on the go i just think maybe if hes getting better sleep he'll find it easier to concentrate in the daytime? So...how do i go about getting him a prescription for Melatonin? does it have to be prescribed by his paediatrician or the GP?
  7. J Gardener Sorry its taken me so long to reply to your message, i couldnt remember my log in details so not been on here for a few months. Thanks for your post, my son also seems to have a hearing issue but in our case it was that that we didnt really notice! ive felt for a long time that he was on the autistic spectrum though, it was only when i spotted my son well his brother when standing on one side of him speaking saying something like 'sorry i forgot thats the ear you cant hear out of'!!! he then went the other side and spoke to him! i then spoke to them and it seems that he cant really hear very well on one side they were just dealing with it and no one saw fit to mention it to me! I did feel bad that i hadnt even noticed At his paed appt i mentioned it and we are awaiting an audiology referal so hopefully if it really i an issue they will find it and hopefully give him any help he needs, if its glue ear rather than actual lack of hearing i presume there are procedures they can do? i dont know much about glue ear [something else for me to google!] How are things progressing with your sons diagnosis?
  8. Thanks for your reply Trekster Ive got a bit of info about some groups in my area from the paediatrician so im deffo gonna follow that up. Im feeling better today [prob cos the sun is shining!] My son is fabulous but i do worry about what the future holds for him, i just want to be the best parent i can be for him but also to help him be as independant as possible. Thanks Trekster
  9. Thanks for your reply Jsmum I actually felt relieved when the paediatrician gave the diagnosis, she asked how i felt and i said relieved she said thats common too. This forum is helpful, ive been reading quite a lot on here for some time its good to get an insight from other parents. Thanks again
  10. Hello, joined a while ago after my son [8 yrs] had an appointment with the SALT and the stat ass process was started. He was diagnosed as being on the spectrum a few weeks ago. I have suspected ASD for a few yrs and had it preliminarily confirmed by the SALT a year ago so its not a shock or anything i wasnt expecting-so why do i feel how i feel? i cant describe it really just feel a bit low. Tell me this is normal please
  11. Hi Alaine yes a lot of what you've said about yourself rings bells with me! finding out about my son has kind of switched a light on in my head about my own life/childhood, i have contemplated it a lot over the last few weeks! My dad is very similar to me and i think he prob has it too, i dont suppose at my age i will ever get a diagnosis, the only thing i would want one for is to say to some people 'see im not lazy/stupid/wierd etc etc! THERES A REASON FOR WHY I AM WHY I AM! Im just looking forward [if thats they right way to put it] to my son getting a statement and the help he needs. Good luck with your boys
  12. Thanks for the replies everyone. If it turned out that i too have Aspergers i dont think it would make much difference to my life...i have got through life so far, but it would possibly explain the years of feeling so very different from everyone else and not understanding why. but for now its all about my son and getting through the diagnosis process with him!
  13. Hi mum of AS boy, what is that book called? that sounds like a good idea, i may order a copy myself.
  14. Thanks everyone for your replies I just did this online test [are they reliable?] the results were; Your Aspie score: 148 of 200 Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 56 of 200 You are very likely an Aspie Your MBTI type: ISTJ http://www.rdos.net/eng/Aspie-quiz.php
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