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  1. Thanks for this - will read with interest. My son had autonomic testing at Breakspear and the interpretation, as I understood it, was that his vagal was underdeveloped - he was prescribed something to boost its develpment. WillsDad
  2. I believe the NAS website has a helpsheet on filling out DLA forms. Check out local disability charities and autism organisations for help. Also try http://www.cafamily.org.uk. Its depressing to say but you will probably have to appeal no matter what you put down - just seems to be the way the system works.
  3. Consider also the SCD/GAPS diet and using probiotics. The pecanbread website is popular for recipes. Some children seem to really respond to diets other not so much. My son's diet is basically vegatbles, meat, fruit, GFCF biscuits and a couple of supplements. His health has vastly improved but not sure how much of his ASD improvements are due to diet though. All th best WillsDad
  4. Ambitious about Autism have arranged the showing of four autism related films with post viewing discussion with the directors etc The first one, The Autism Puzzle, shows tomorrow. You need to register to view as it streams through their website. http://www.ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk/page/autismfilmclub12/autismpuzzle.cfm?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=afc2puzzle&utm_campaign=afc_2
  5. Hi All We have launched a new website, www.allthingsautism.co.uk, which I hope everyone will find helpful. WillsDad
  6. My son Williams complete meltdowns came to an end when we started giving him Vitamin B6/magnesium. Could be worth a try? WillDad
  7. Try Black Elderberry. William shook off a cold for the first time after trying that. The Autism Treatment Trust recommended Low Dose Naltrexone to help with Wills immune system. Since being on diets and supplements Wills immune system has improved immensely but trying to pinpoint whats made the most difference is impossible. WD
  8. We have been giving William Candex, which attacks yeast, for the last three weeks and the change in him is remarkable. His poo is now properly formed as well! Have also been putting Epsom salts in his bath but I reckon its the Candex thats brought about the change. WillsDad
  9. We do Son-Rise so I found this quite interesting.... Willdad
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    Hello Kathryn MB12 is similar to vitamin b12 and LDN is Low Dose Naltrexone which helps immune system function. WillsDad
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    Hi Trekster And how's it going? WD
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    Hello Baddad Its a lot less scary than it used to be. But try this for scary! Re avatar I can't remember. Is it not possible to upload your own one btw? WD
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    Hello My son William is now three and a half and has come a long way since his autism seemed to take hold when he was eight months. We have been doing son-rise and diet/supplements and are going to give LDN and MB12 a try. Would be very interested in other peoples experiences. Willsdad
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