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  1. 2012 has been my year of reawakening, and I thank all the people on this forum for the help and thoughts I have received. On balance I feel unable to offer anything useful to this forum which is giving me a negative energy flow. I don't naturally think in words and they hinder and frustrate me. I just see the arguments and reasonings as pulling unrelated sayings and anecdotal evidence out of thin air and coming to some arbitary conclusion. I have given it a go but the dynamic is not right for me. This decision is not based on the current furore or on anyone in particular, I need to keep my life as simple as possible. In the new year I am starting on a project so I won't have the time or energy to be on line as well. I wish you all the very best for 2013 and hope everyone makes good progress.
  2. Must be blind I can't find it, but I wouldn't use it anyway, just curious.
  3. Very good advice This is why you need professional help, everyone who has posted on this thread can see it apart from you Smiley.
  4. I have noticed AS-warrior has been able to modify this even before he became a mod
  5. I see this place as a meeting house. It has it's core of regulars, who I would say are the community then a few occasional contributors who are on the edges and a whole lot of voyeurs. Communication is not my forte, so I will never feel part of the core. I haven't struck up a rapport with anyone apart from playing a word game which was fun, but that is me in RL, so why should it be different here? It feels like being in A&E comparing wounds, getting a little solace and friendly advice. At the moment I have an ambivalent relationship with this forum which is actually very tiring.
  6. raydon


    I came here to learn and eventually post a few thoughts. This was discussed months ago, nothing has happened
  7. Who you are describing could be me, except I don't go on walking holidays. From my perspective, I self diagnosed earlier this year, and have yet to find a way of letting my wife know, though I have confided in other members of the family who are medics. Having this "knowledge" has enabled me to tie together a lot of what I had previously thought were unrelated issues. To survive, I have developed coping strategies, most of them defensive. I am now opening up slowly as I realise what has happened. This is very much a work in progress for me, I am seeing a pyschologist next week and hopefully will be able to explore various options and strategies. AS is very difficult to diagnose, it's symptoms are shared with other conditions, but crucially it is not acquired, it is a life long condition. I found reading about it, and interacting on this forum to be very beneficial. If you have noticed a change in your husband it could be that you are more sensitive or that he is actually more extreme. You would need a third party who knows both of you to determine this. You ask, will it get worse with age? I can't answer that. For me, I rarely have meltdowns now, but my sensitivities and the way I think won't change and I embrace that fact, but I have learnt to be more tolerant and less judgemental of others. I would suggest introducing the idea to your husband and see if he relates to any of it.
  8. In response to Sa Skimrande's first point about not being able to reply: I think what has happened is an admin slip up, rather than a censorship matter I suggested that this thread was moved away from ASD to Forum Matters, and it has somehow ended up on a single page under Techie Corner which hasn't had the attributes set for replying. As for the other censorship issues I agree, the admins role should be to intervene only when the rules have been contravined and not before. It is not in their remit to judge anything else, nor rubber stamp posts with approvals. For the moment I will say the new mods are learning the ropes. Lets hope that is true.
  9. Would this be a good time to revisit the question of an Adult only section? P.S. Shouldn't this thread be in the forum matters section, I had completely missed it
  10. I was just thinking today it would be a good idea to have a Christmas + 1, like catch up TV. Christmas trees going for free, getting presents in the sales... So Merry Christmas +1 to you!
  11. Congratulations to AS-Warrior, JeanneA, and Trekster and also thanks to the other moderators and admins
  12. There's not much information to go on Happypanda. Have you figured out what is causing this behaviour? It could be coping strategies that are not working too well
  13. Isobel you just beat me to it, I was beginning to think this is a geek free zone Here is another route to the programs Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter are two utility programs which come with Windows. You can find them from Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup removes temporary files which have been left behind by installs, updates, internet etc and frees up some disk space. There are a few options to select and it shows how much disk space you can reclaim. It is best to do this before defragging. When files get written to and from the hard disk they get put back in different sectors on the disk and get fragmented. Over time files can be split up into many parts which means the hard disk has to access lots of non contiguous space which slows things down considerably. Disk Defragmenter reorganises the hard disk so that the files are put back into contiguous sectors. If you have never done this before the process could take a few hours. I always do mine over night.
  14. This would apply to any program not just python. If your PC is clunky have you tried disk cleanup and defragging the hard drive? From Windows XP onwards you can set a restore point before installing new software, so if anything goes wrong, like the cat jumping on the keyboard or whatever, you can reset the PC to that point. If you are really cautious you could make a complete backup, or copy an image of the hard drive to CD first.
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