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  1. with nts- nope...one reply maybe out of...politeness or testing me or whatever- but after? o messages.
  2. The day started ok.... I was like yea. I smiled and laughed and ended up looking like a giraffe As the day went on, I went to a shop But it was only a matter of time before my bum went pop I sang a song to my dog who indeed smelt like a frog So i washed him and watched tv Anyway...my day was ok.
  3. thsnk for the replys:) ive already got dla - the lowest £30.00 something one and that goes to my mums acount ....... we called the job centre - well she did and told me to be quiet etc - she doesnt think i have as - she thinks all girls with as are really shy and quiet? whereas i can be outgoing...but in social situations...i get very nervous, stressted easily, upset etc
  4. like - do people with as tend to be more lazy and find easy things hard to do
  5. she says it in a sarcastic way we dont get on well - for years we had fights - i felt she never understood or wanted to understand my problems - she cares about small children with autism (server autism eg at a primary school where she works but to me - couldnt care - she say sarcastically- yea - its your aspergers / sesnory issues
  6. one mum was on my laptop - i was behind her - she moved her arm - i jumped
  7. Happy Birthday Gordie! Wow your 30! I thought you were 18! lol Hope you had a great time! : D
  8. Candyfloss


    I am on prozac and it does help me alot:) Although Im on the lowest dose and I still feel depressed but I can cope now where before I used to get extremely angry and upset easily I once tried respiridome without prozac - i was on it for a few days - couldnt cope - felt very shy and grumpy - so went off it :/
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