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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Ruth does shoulder wraps which can be put under say a coat, but it will make you look like a bodybuilder. They can be viewed on her website. She also does small lap pads which sounds similar to what you've asked.
  2. No problem Alexis. As I said, Ruth rarely gets anything wrong when it come to something like this, and if anything like this were to happen, believe me she would be mortified as she has built her reputation on excellent service. She has exported stuff all over the world with no problems. Even though we live 100 miles apart, I have actually despatched items for her personallly when I have been to visit her at her workshop when she's been busy, and although I've been involved in the transportation of goods for over 30 years, she still checked up on me!!!! She's mowed out at the moment, and her attention to detail will still remain the same. Ken.
  3. Then please feel free to furnish Ruth with the details Alexis. In case anyone is wondering, Ruth is my sister who owns W2G, she rarely gets anything wrong after 5 years of making weighted blankets when it comes to supplying her goods. (She was the first supplier of weighted goods in the UK.) There could be many reasons why it went to the wrong address, including the fact that you may have put your Grans address in the delivery section, and your own address in the invoice section. Without the full details, then it's impossible to know exactly what happened, but if you still feel strongly about it, then I'm sure she will look into it.
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