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Found 1 result

  1. I have a 14 year old boy with PDA, ADHD, OCD. Since going into secondary school it has been a nightmare. He has been taken out of school now and placed into an Educational Guidance Centre as he was being aggressive in school. He is statemented and had a full time classroom assitant. This guidance centre is much worse than school, its strict discipline has sent him over the edge, they send him home for the smallest things He gets sent home for days on end sometimes weeks. They have admitted they can't cope with him and don't have the resources to manage his behaviour - which in my eyes has got much worse since attending this place. I have contacted the childrens law centre because he wants deperately to attend school but is definitely in the wrong environment. The Education Board have said he can have noting else but 4 hours home tutoring per week. He can't go back to his mainstream school (it probably wouldn't work) without a good report from this centre. The teachers in the centre are not sympathic to children like my son they just think he has severe behavioural problems which can be solved with discipline. There is a special needs school which I would like him to attend but his IQ is too high (just over ) to attend this school. I have asked for him to be reassessed and told him to fail all of their tests to drop his IQ??? i'm just deperate to get him into a suitable place. any advice would be great??? oh yes he wants to attend school he likes being in school and has tantrums if he can't go.!
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