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  1. HI iam 30 and still watch and buy cartoons iam a huge disney fan and i was so happy when i went on amazon and found the raggy dolls on dvd i used to love it and still like it now. i dont think its a bad think comtoting definighty and i think iam still very young for my age to and happy :-)
  2. wont let me add my info to the projile page :-(

  3. thank you for your kind welcomes
  4. hey iam back from work now, it wont let me update my profile? saying error code 500?
  5. Hello iam weebo, iam new here and would like to say hi and introduce myself, iam female 30 from Milton Keynes, i have Aspergers and dyslexia and i would like to talk to others simaler or same if u are in a relationship then thats even beter i have lots questions, i work part time in diseny store i am a big fan of movies and animals ok i have ot go to work now but i will check back later and have a chat bye for now Weebo.
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